Check Out this Rogue One-Inspired Remix “This is a Rebellion!”

Check Out this Rogue One-Inspired Remix “This is a Rebellion!”


“This is a Rebellion isn’t it? I rebel.” So says Jyn Erso in the teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Do you wonder what sort of music she might listen to? Probably something with a bit of an edge, a great beat, but wholly inspired by the genius of John Williams.

Perhaps something like the latest remix from Fatboy Roberts’ Geek: Remixed?

’90s hip-hop never died. It just dived into the soundtrack bins at the record store and got some strings and chorus all up in its mix.

That’s the concept behind Geek: Remixed, a 20 year-long on-again/off-again project reinterpreting film score, TV theme and video game music through classic hip-hop production. And with the eye (and ear)-catching trailer to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes the latest installment in the Geek: Remixed series.

This Is A Rebellion takes that dramatic blend of John Williams’ themes as heard in the teaser, and adding to it even more classic Star Wars melodies, that siren, and of course, a couple handfuls of drums in the vein of previous Geek: Remixed One-Shots like Last Sons (Man of Steel/Superman: the Movie), Fight Music (Star Trek), Meatlocker (Rocky), and the Star Wars saga megamix, Victory Celebration/End Credits.

Put on the headphones and turn ’em way up. Bang your head a little, or hell, bang it a lot. Who cares if anyone’s looking. This is a rebellion, isn’t it?

Thank you to Bobby Roberts.

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