Proving once again that Star Wars fans are a creative lot, Mike Fessler – aka Versifier – has released some original music inspired by everyone’s favorite Saga set in a galaxy far, far away….

“The Lost Holocron” is a Star Warsinspired hip hop album scheduled to be released over a period of time, with the first batch of songs available for download now. Best news of all? The music is free! Can’t beat that deal.

Check out the official press release below:

Minneapolis-based HipHop emcee Versifier (of Manifesters) has released the first installment of his new Star Wars-themed album, The Lost Holocron.

The Lost Holocron album is a first-of-its-kind blend of HipHop lyrics and beats mixed with Star Wars topics, stories, characters, and the music of legendary composer John Williams. Throughout the years various artists have released re-makes of popular songs with Star Wars-based lyrics or themes, Star Wars parody songs, and Star Wars-themed “gangsta rap” songs/parodies. the Lost Holocron is none of those things. The Album is an original and unique journey through the Star Wars universe, done in true HipHop form. Just like the Star Wars movies, shows and novels, the songs on The Lost Holocron consist of action, drama and a little bit of comedy, all intertwined with Versifier’s writing style and passion for the franchise. The album concept, structure, title, and many of the song ideas originated in August of 2008. However, due to various factors, production and writing did not begin until early 2012.

Versifier has coined the term “Star Wars HipHop” and is hopeful that it will catch on seeming it is something new that has appeal to HipHop fans, Star Wars fans, and music lovers alike.

All the songs on The Lost Holocron album are written by Versifier, and all production, recording and mastering was done by renown HipHop producer Big Jess (of Unknown Prophets). Versifier and Big Jess have been collaborating musically and sharing stages during live performances since 1999. All conceptual and pre-production work was done by Versifier. The album also features guest appearances from Twin Cities HipHop emcees Ernie Rhodes and Dispute One, and Denver-based vocalist Fatima Lily.

Instead of releasing The Lost Holocron as one complete album, Versifier will be releasing the songs over time. Similar to how Hasbro Toys releases Star Wars action figures, The Lost Holocron will be released in “Waves” of three songs per wave, spaced out in three waves per year. This allows for the album to be an on-going and continuously growing body of work, just as the saga and stories of Star Wars have continued to grow and expand over nearly forty years. Additionally, music videos will be released for a handful of songs from the album. There will not be a set format to the music video releases, however the goal is to release between one and three videos each year.

For the listeners, viewers and fans, The Lost Holocron will be entirely free and easily accessible. All songs will be available to be previewed (in their entirety), for free, and available for free download (in various formats), off of Versifier’s website. The music videos will be posted on YouTube for free viewing.

Check out Versifier’s video for ‘Ahsoka’ right here:

You can preview/download the first three songs here.

You view watch the video for ‘The Dark Side,’ as well as preview/download the song, here.

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