Aerial Filming in Star Wars

This is a first in a series focused on film and other mediums and their possible connections to the Star Wars saga, from a film-making viewpoint and a fans perspective.

When I examine the Star Wars saga, it is strictly from a fans angle. I will never claim to be an expert on its film-making style, nor will I try to attempt to contemplate the inner motivations of each character. I may try, and I may even get pretty close, but that’s not where my strengths lie. I am not a film critic. I have rarely recorded film outside my video camera on my iPhone. What I am however, is a fan of Star Wars. And like many of the things in life that interest me, whether it is music, a book, or a movie, I want to know what sparked the imagination; the creative juices flowing in the mind and heart of its creator; in this case George Lucas.

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