Announcing Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan Figure Vote 2017! — VOTING IS NOW CLOSED


It’s that time of year! Time to start getting your selections in for Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan Figure Vote! As in years past, the winning character will be transformed into a 3.75-inch figure in The Vintage Collection line. Last year’s winner was Jaina Solo from Legends, and her 6-inch Black Series figure is due out this fall. This year it could be anyone. Who is your favorite? What Star Wars character would you like to see immortalized in the 3.75-inch Vintage Collection line?

Here’s how you can get involved and let your voice be heard. In the comment section below, let us know which character is your choice. Legends, canon, books, movies, animated series, comics, games — Who is your favorite?

A few things to note:

  • Only one selection allowed per person.
  • Any characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels will be sculpted in the realistic Black Series sculpt, not their animated appearance.

The six characters who get the most votes will be submitted by us to Hasbro (by 4/21) and the final vote will be held on (from April 26-30).

You have from now (4/15) through Wednesday, April 19, so be sure to add your selection in the comment section below!

Thank you to Hasbro!

**NOTE** All comments await moderation, so they won’t show up immediately.

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197 thoughts on “Announcing Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan Figure Vote 2017! — VOTING IS NOW CLOSED”

      1. No, there is a 3.75″ Ahsoka already clone wars. Black series. There is a list that shows which characters are already made. But yeah, unless you want a 3.75″ realistic rebels Ahsoka…

  1. Ben Skywalker from the Legends timeline. I can’t imagine a better way than fan polls to get amazing EU characters. 🙂

  2. They need to have kylo ren in the vintage set and the new kylo from last jedi in the black series

  3. Since my girl Jaina won last year I’m going with Mara Jade Skywalker. It’s her turn to shine.

  4. How about a dual pack Kam and Tionne Solusar? Kyp Durron, Cilghal, or Saba Sebatyne. We could go old republic Naga Sadow, Darth Zannah, Darth Cognus, Githany.

  5. Darth Maul from rebels season 2 and 3. Imagine him realistic, with cloak, robo legs and a kick ass lightsaber! Vote if you agree!

  6. Tonnika Sister(s)
    We can start with one, and they will issue the second as a repaint. 2 figures for 1 vote.

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