Would you like to work with Coffee With Kenobi and Dan Z? Listeners, viewers, and readers of the award-winning Coffee With Kenobi fit squarely within an advertiser’s target market. The Coffee With Kenobi brand and content is specifically directed at and targeted towards fans who are listeners, readers, and consumers of Star Wars-related products and services. Our listeners want a voice in fandom, and we provide a platform to help make this a reality.

Coffee With Kenobi was named overall Fan’s Choice for Star Wars podcasts in 2016, is the first Twitter verified Star Wars fan site and is heard in over 114 countries. 

Coffee With Kenobi and its various platforms have a well-established social media presence and have a highly regarded place in the Star Wars fan community. Through Coffee With Kenobi, you will immediately gain a unique, positive, and dedicated media partner for distributing your message through a respected brand and influencer.

Opportunities include:

  • Featured podcast sponsorship (podcast reads, sponsored segments, product reviews, etc.)
  • Website advertising
  • Bring relevant news to our readership through sponsored articles.
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Sponsor our newsletter, delivered directly by e-mail to our subscribers.
  • Place ads in our social media.
  • Sponsor our coverage for a specific event.
  • Or discuss a custom advertising and or promotional opportunity.

Coffee With Kenobi has numerous advertising and marketing opportunities available with our podcast and website. If you’d like to partner with Coffee With Kenobi and reach our ever-expanding audience, email Dan Zehr by using the form below and request a Media Kit.

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