Comics With Kenobi Issue #26 (238)

It’s never easy losing a friend, an idol, an icon. The loss of Carrie Fisher is one we won’t forget and will feel, acutely, through 2017 and beyond.

It’s among the reasons this episode starts somber, and for good reason, but we never lose sight of the hope that Star Wars brings its legion of fans and the community that has built itself up around the Saga.
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Comics With Kenobi Issue #22 (208)

Despite technology’s best effort to thwart them, Jeff McGee and Matt Moore are back for another issue, diving deep into Marvel’s Star Wars comics from September, including Star Wars #22, The Force Awakens #3, Han Solo #3, Poe Dameron #5 and Darth Vader #24.
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Marvel Goes All Out for the Now Delayed-by-a-Week Last Issue of Darth Vader, Debuts Several Variant Covers

Adi Granov Variant

It’s no secret that Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader series has been among its consistently top-selling titles, finding a home in the monthly top 10 titles since it began nearly two years ago.

Now, as August gets underway, the series last two issues — Nos. 24 and 25 — will debut, bringing to a conclusion the story of Darth Vader’s attempts at redemption in the aftermath of the devastating loss of the Death Star in A New Hope.

To mark the event, Marvel unveiled a host of variant covers for the final, oversized 56-page issue, which has been delayed to Oct. 5 from Aug. 31. It’ll sell for $5.99.

To see more covers, click below.
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Marvel’s September Star Wars Comics Feature More From Poe, Han and a Stolen Star Destroyer

STWARS2015023_COLA stolen Star Destroyer, Agent Terex vs. Poe Dameron, Maz Kanata’s castle and a traitor to the Rebellion aboard the Millennium Falcon. Marvel’s September Star Wars comics feature an inordinate amount of action, intrigue and danger, along with a mystery or two.

A bigger mystery? What’s going to replace Star Wars: Darth Vader? There’s no listing, as of yet, for the September solicits, but it’s likely a reveal of a new ongoing may come as the final issue is released in August. Stay tuned!
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Comics With Kenobi Issue #19 (194)

We’re flying solo for this month’s issue. Wait. No, we’re not!

While Jeff McGee and Matt Moore had expected to have the first issue of Han Solo to discuss, its release was pushed back to later this month.

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In August, Marvel to Release Two Issues of Darth Vader as Series Concludes its 25-Issue Run

Darth Vader #24

August sees Marvel brings its best-selling — and critically lauded — Star Wars: Darth Vader to its natural conclusion, with not one but two issues released, including a revealing look inside Anakin Skywalker’s head as he wrestles with the life he lost, the life that could have been and the life Darth Vader now has (and yes, that is Padme Amidala on the cover.)
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Marvel Bringing its Monthly “Darth Vader” Comics Series to an End in August

Darth Vader #25
Darth Vader #25

More than a year-and-a-half after it debuted, Marvel’s popular Star Wars: Darth Vader ongoing comics series will conclude in August with issue #25.

Kieron Gillen, who has scripted the series since its debut, confirmed the decision in an interview with IGN on May 13, noting that the series’ thrust was to focus on “… how Darth Vader recovers his position post-A New Hope. You know, he’s arguably responsible for the biggest disaster of all time — or at least, the only person responsible still alive — and by Empire he’s in a much more powerful state. We get Vader in an incredibly powerful position by the end of the story. So definitely Vader, by the end of the story, is the man we meet in Empire.” Read more

Comics With Kenobi Issue #18 (188)

We’re back for this month’s issue and what a collection of Star Wars comics that Matt Moore and Jeff McGee have to fuss about and discuss! And phone books. Lots of phone books. (OK, not so much the phone books.)

But before we do that, our heartfelt thanks to all who cast their votes for us in the literature category in the first Star Wars Podcast Awards. While we didn’t win, your listening to our show, interacting with us on Twitter and enjoying the shared experience of talking about Star Wars comics is what keeps us coming back every month, and then some.

Now, enough with the sentimentality!

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #16 (177)

It’s an episode focused on endings and beginnings as one series concludes, but another launches with great acclaim and public fanfare. It’s also one of trials and tribulation, hence some technical difficulties (we blame the First Order.)

Co-hosts Jeff McGee and Matt Moore dive into all five Marvel Star Wars comics titles, including the just-released first issue of Star Wars: Poe Dameron, as well as the now ended Kanan’s 12th and final issue.

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Han Solo Debuts & Obi-Wan Kenobi Returns; Rey, Finn & Poe Star in The Force Awakens Adaptation in Marvel’s June Star Wars Comics Offerings

Poe Dameron #3
The Force Awakens #1

Han Solo is back on a mission, Obi-Wan Kenobi is laying low without much success, The Force Awakens returns to the public consciousness and Darth Vader has so much to contend with that it’s going to take TWO issues to do it. Such are the plans for Marvel’s Star Wars comics in June.

HANSOLO.FINAL_BERJEMOMarvel starts the month by bringing Han Solo, and Chewbacca, to the forefront, with the late smuggler’s adventures forming the crux of a five-issue mini-series written by Marjorie Liu and Drawn by Mark Brooks. With a slew of variant covers to start off Marvel’s latest spotlight on a core character, the first issue of Star Wars: Han Solo, on sale June 1 for $3.99, sees Han given a top-secret mission — undercover, no less — to rescue several Rebel Alliance spies. The cover? The most famous, most lethal and most infamous starship race in the known galaxy that makes the Kessel Run look like the Kessel Cake Walk. The 32-page issue sports a cover by artist Lee Bermejo.

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