Star Wars Comics | Prepare For the Epic Finale With New Printings of DARTH VADER #20 – #23!


Prepare For the Epic Finale With New Printings of DARTH VADER #20 – #23!

New York, NY—August 18th, 2016 — Before Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca’s epic series reaches its blockbuster conclusion, get caught up on the series everyone is talking about! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce that DARTH VADER #20 – #23 have all sold out at the distributor level and will all immediately head back to press!

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #21 (203)

We’re live from Takodana! (Sort of.) We’re at the same issue as the monthly Star Wars comic! (For now.) We’re also talking comics! Five of them, to be exact, and in a rare convergence, Jeff McGee and Matt Moore liked them. For real. A lot.

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #20 (198)

We’re really flying Solo this episode. Seriously. No lie. Why? Because the first issue of Star Wars: Han Solo came out and we read it. Know what else we read? Everything. If it was a Marvel Star Wars comic and it came out in June, Matt Moore and Jeff McGee read it. It’s true. All of it.
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STAR WARS COMICS: July Issues Feature Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lando

Summer’s languorous July days won’t be lacking for adventure, intrigue and deepening mysteries among Marvel’s line of Star Wars comics, as old friends Obi-Wan Kenobi and Lando Calrissian make their debut.

STAR WARS #7 COVER CMYK STWLANDO2015001covNEWIn Star Wars No. 7, out July 8, writer Jason Aaron pens a one-shot tale about Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine in a story illustrated by Simone Bianchi. The issue focuses on the risks Ben must take as he deals with the villainous scum that have let injustice reign on the planet he calls home.

The first two issues of the five-part mini-series focused on Lando — trusty Lobot by his side — bring the famed gambler, administrator and scoundrel into the Marvel fold.

The Charles Soule-written and Alex Maleev-illustrated story gives readers a view of Lando before he ran Cloud City and fought for the Rebel Alliance. The first issue is on sale July 1, while #2 is in comic shops on July 22.

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Star Wars Comic Review: Darth Vader #3 (Spoilers)

Screenshot 2015-03-25 19.55.22Note: This review contains spoilers for Darth Vader #3 and Star Wars Rebels: “Fire Across The Galaxy.”

After an exposition-heavy opening issue and a one-off adventure in the second issue, I wasn’t expecting an immediate continuation of the overarching story. Writer Kieron Gillen made it no secret that Darth Vader would be a slow, meaty boil, frequently citing the anti-hero-centric television shows Breaking Bad and House of Cards as his influences for the series. Vader’s priority is still to find that blond kid who had his old lightsaber, but he’s making very careful, calculated moves to make sure it stays off of the Emperor’s radar.

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