The Lies


Recently I’ve become something of a big Wonder Woman fan. Earlier this year DC Comics went through a universe reset and all the comic series started new stories. The first arc of the Wonder Woman series, written by Greg Rucka who should be familiar to Star Wars fans, is called “The Lies.” It takes Diana on a journey to uncover the truth of her past that has become nothing but a shroud of mystery. Naturally, this got me thinking about “The Lies” that permeate the Star Wars saga. Truth and lies are common elements that follow through all the films, shows, books, and comics.

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Yoda and the March of Time

Yoda with Light Saber, The March of Time

Yoda with Light Saber, The March of Time

“When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.” Yoda admonished Luke with that line in a moment of defiance to his age in Return of the Jedi. The venerable Jedi Master was nearing the end of his life, and he still had a little advice to impart on his young apprentice. What else must Yoda have been thinking as he neared the end of his very long life? Even more interesting, what was the passage of time like for Yoda over 900 years? How did it impact his relationships with those closest to him.

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Rebel or Fail? My Star Wars Fandom


So what do you do when your Star Wars fandom is in a lull?

Let me start by saying I will always, always be a huge Star Wars fan. Always. Nothing will ever change that. Embracing my love for this saga changed my life. Literally. No need to rehash how, but I’m talking EPIC change. That’s not an exaggeration. But I’m feeling kind of – blah – right now about the GFFA, and I keep thinking that, with the current Star Wars media bombardment, I can’t possibly be alone…

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Core Worlds Couture: Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibition

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs


This week features a special edition of Core Worlds Couture – full coverage of Star Wars and the Power of Costume Exhibition at Discovery Times Square, New York City. Read on to learn about the exhibit and experience my adventures!

Whether interested in the fashion/cosplay aspect or not, costumes tell a tale and set a stage like nothing else in a story. “Craftsmanship and artistry in costume design are valued creative components in the Star Wars saga,” said George Lucas. “The detailed precision of a design can be as bold a measure of storytelling as words on a page, leading to the truths at the core of a character, situation or shared history.”

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Feeling The Force: Life Creates it, Makes it Grow

anakin and yoda the heart of the temple

For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship. – Yoda to Luke in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

As Star Wars evolves and takes on new directions, I’m forced (pun intended) to revisit the known and to look at it anew – you must unlearn what you have learned. That’s the genius in what makes Star Wars so great and what gives it that ability to live on beyond or despite some other’s expectations; an ambiguity like no other. That said, Star Wars has roots and they were planted deep – a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Each new addition or key element just adds another extension to the saga as a whole, branching out and laying seedlings, growing, connecting the puzzle, one parsec at a time. Read more

Comics With Kenobi Issue #17 (182)

We waited. Then we waited some more. Then we waited even more.

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Vader’s Shadow: A Curse of Concealment

Becca's Chava Chat
‘Becca’s Chava Chat’ Original Design by Scott Bratek

With the recent embargo [from advanced copies being distributed] of ‘Star Wars: Bloodline’ by Claudia Gray, and all the built-up hype surrounding it, I can’t help myself but to be swept-up in it too.

This upcoming novel holds so much promise when it comes to plot-holes or gaps where the Skywalker lineage is concerned. Even Claudia Gray told USA Today that, “In this book we find out just how far Vader’s shadow falls.” So, as an ‘Anakin Apologist’ and a huge Vader fan, my anticipation of what ‘key elements’ this story may or may not include is barely containable.

So, for the sake of creative thinking and to hopefully spark some innovative discussion, let’s explore Vader’s “shroud of darkness” aka shadow.

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Did C-3PO’s Memory Really Need to Be Erased?


A long time ago, when I was a small child in a small town, my father took me to see Star Wars shortly after it had opened in theaters across the country. As my father likes to tell it, I feel asleep about half way through. So, I don’t remember a lot about that showing or much about any of the showings I went to as a kid. One thing I do remember being captivated by was the droids. To this day, I’m not sure why that was. As a three and four-year-old in the late 1970s, I’m not sure I had any idea what a droid was supposed to be, but still, something about them captured my imagination. In fact, this was so much so that I remember when I had the opportunity to finally select my first two action figures, I picked out C-3PO and R2-D2. The action figures are long gone, but a soft spot for old Golden Rod was born way back then.

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“Star Wars” Won — A Guest Blog by Kimberly Laux


“Star Wars” Won

— A Guest Blog by Kimberly Laux

A long time ago, way back in the twentieth century, when phones were dialed one number at a time and you waited until they spun back to dial the next number and televisions had two dials you turned back and forth to “tune” them, and when you walked away, your body stopped working as an antennae and the picture became fuzzy again, non-broadcast was simply called: PBS, and computers were room-sized and used punch cards with a corner cut off of them – a film came out named Star Wars.

Yes, once upon a time, Star Wars was just a movie.

That lasted about five minutes in May 1977.

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Check Out the Latest Installment of Studying Skywalkers by CWK’s Dan Z


The latest entry in Studying Skywalkers by Coffee With Kenobi‘s Dan Z takes a look at the third chapter of the prequel trilogy, Revenge of the Sith. Specifically, the path taken by Anakin Skywalker as he ultimately succumbed to the temptations that gave rise to Darth Vader.

Read an excerpt below:

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