Star Wars: Return of the Prequels?

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Yes, that’s right, you heard me, I said that dirty little word “prequel.” Well, guess what? You best get used to hearing it, seeing it, and reading it more often, especially now. You see, there’s a new movie coming out in about three months, and this impending film is set to take place “before” Star Wars: A New Hope. Therefore, making it a prequel film and, yes, I’m talking about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Call it whatever you like, a pioneering film or a groundbreaker. Either way you say it, it is still a prequel. Like them or don’t like them. Regardless, they’re here to stay.

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Star Wars is evolving and, as fans, we need to do the same. It’s a new generation of Star Wars and George Lucas is no longer at the helm. Ok, so that might be old news, but so is the timeless fact that we cannot change things that we have no control over. That said, I love Star Wars – all of it! Do I agree with every tiny detail of it? No, but that doesn’t change my love for that galaxy far, far away. Why? Well, for starters, it was meant to be what it is today. The first six were meant to follow a specific pattern – like a poem – they rhyme. There are parallelisms, there are mythology patterns, and yes, tantalizing visuals that are way ahead of their time and remarkably, are still impressive to this very day. Yes, in both the original and prequel films. Side note, there are more practical models in The Phantom Menace than in any of the original three films. Anyways, moving along …

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Imperial Star Destroyers in the Original Trilogy — A Guest Blog by Jay Stobie


Imperial Star Destroyers in the Original Trilogy — A Guest Blog by Jay Stobie

Memorable Star Destroyer Scenes & Their Pivotal Roles In The Trilogy

The might of the Galactic Empire was spread across the galaxy in the original Star Wars trilogy, and a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers enforced the law of the Empire throughout the stars. With its dagger-like outline that could pierce the hopes of even the most courageous Rebel, these sixteen hundred meter-long behemoths embodied power and destruction. However, in Episodes IV through VI, the Imperial Star Destroyers also provided fans with a multitude of scenes that dropped jaws, pleased the eye, and served as pivotal moments within the overall storyline of the trilogy. Here we will examine some of these crucial scenes and provide the context for their place in Star Wars lore.

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Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection — Now Available!

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The most acclaimed and enduring film music in Hollywood history, the original soundtracks of Star Wars Episodes I-VI are being reissued by Sony Classical in three new, definitive editions – Star Wars: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection (11 LPs), Star Wars: The Ultimate Soundtrack Edition (10 CDs plus DVD) and Star Wars: The Ultimate Digital Collection (hi-resolution download). All composed by the legendary five-time Oscar®-winning composer, John Williams, these unique collector’s sets are being reissued after the latest chapter in the saga, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, opens in theaters. All three of Sony Classical’s new soundtrack editions are now available.

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Prequel Bashing, Your Time is at an End

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Have you ever had that friend or family member who constantly complains about something from the past? You know, that person who has told you hundreds of times how they feel about something that happened years and years ago.

Eventually it gets so old that you don’t even care anymore. It just causes you to sigh, roll your eyes and you tell them to LET IT GO (I apologize if that triggered a song from a certain animated movie). At one time, you might have even agreed with their position, but since you’ve heard so much complaining, not even you care anymore.

That’s what Star Wars Prequel Bashers have become.

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Coffee Chat: Dennis Keithly (127)

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On this special show, we have the winner of our first Patreon Coffee Chat, Dennis Keithly! Dennis leads the discussion; we look at the hype surrounding The Force Awakens, the impact social media has on hype, and reflect on the anticipation surrounding the Original Trilogy releases, the Special Editions, and the Prequels. It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane, and it’s all due to the vision of Dennis. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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You Could Win Three Original Trilogy Star Wars Posters Signed by Mark Hamill!


Mark Hamill recently lent his narrating talents to a documentary film called Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story. As part of an effort to get the word out about this amazing film (I know, because I’ve seen it!), producer/director Zack Arnold is giving away three original trilogy Star Wars posters, signed and personalized to the winner by Mark Hamill!

Here is the official synopsis of the film, followed by the trailer and information on how to enter this exciting giveaway:

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Force and Faith: An Unfinished Trilogy – Life, Redemption and Legacy

Force and Faith Sabers SquareFor all of George Lucas’ flip-floppery on whether there would ever be a sequel trilogy, the form of the story demands that a third installment be created.  It asks for it, it begs for it, and it demands it.  The Skywalker story is not complete.  From one point of view, we have Anakin’s rise, fall and redemption.  But we are missing the story of his legacy.  Every one of us will leave a legacy – a story that can only be told after our death.  So, from my point of view, we have Anakin’s life, his redemption and – and then, nothing.  The Skywalker baton was passed on to his son, but what he did with that legacy is a story as yet untold.  Life, redemption, legacy.  A trilogy that can be reflective of every life. Read more

Book Review: Star Wars Costumes by Brandon Alinger


This review is for Star Wars Costumes by Brandon Alinger.

I’m not a cosplayer, designer, filmmaker, or artist, but I am able to appreciate the work that goes into the art of costume design. Star Wars Costumes is a celebration of that art – Every page a tribute to those responsible, in large part, for the look of the original Star Wars trilogy.

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VIDEO: Meet the Authors of the Star Wars Saga Children’s Books

star-wars-logoIn Summer 2015, Lucasfilm and Disney Press will be publishing a series of books designed to introduce young Star Wars fans, who grew up on the Prequels, to the Original Trilogy. The books are being adapted by three bestselling children’s authors, and will feature artwork by concept artist Iain McCaig.

Meet the authors of the Star Wars Saga children’s books in the video below:

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Review of Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy

star-wars-storyboards-original-trilogy-book-coverI’m a big fan of behind the scenes look at movies. It gives me a new angle on how a scene was performed and discussed and brought to life. I am also a big fan of concept artwork. The intense details and vision that directors and production teams come up with to tell a story on a page are extremely gifted. With Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy I get the best of both worlds. This clean, crisp, publication is a must have for any Star Wars fan that enjoys production pieces and concepts, not to mention a visualization as to how the original trilogy was envisioned to be captured for the silver screen.

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