Melinda’s Brew: What Are Those Dreams Made Of?

Melinda's Brew

Have you ever found yourself in a particular place or situation, going about your business, and suddenly pulled yourself up short, coming to the conclusion that you have experienced that exact place or situation before – knowing as sure as you’re standing there that you never have been in that place or situation? I have found myself in such situations – more often than I care to admit – and, at the very least, I find them unsettling. An eerie feeling comes over me, and while I do my best to shake off such unwelcome sensations, I can’t help but consider George Lucas was on to something when he worked Force dreams into the Jedi’s abilities. Dreams – they’re pretty powerful stuff!

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NEW REVEALS: Hasbro Star Wars 40th Anniversy Black Series and Monopoly!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars and Hasbro has revealed all-new items to mark the occasion! New Black Series figures, a new Star Wars Monopoly 40th Anniversary Edition, and a Black Series Obi-Wan Force FX Lightsaber will help get fans off to a celebratory start.

Check out the images in the slideshow below:

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Rebels Reactions: “Visions And Voices” (240)

Greetings and welcome to another round of Rebels Reactions. Maul is back to get the answers he has been searching for in “Voices And Visions”! In this episode, David Modders joins host Aaron Harris as they tackle Maul’s relationship with Ezra and reminisce about the Mandalorian arcs of The Clone Wars. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #26 (238)

It’s never easy losing a friend, an idol, an icon. The loss of Carrie Fisher is one we won’t forget and will feel, acutely, through 2017 and beyond.

It’s among the reasons this episode starts somber, and for good reason, but we never lose sight of the hope that Star Wars brings its legion of fans and the community that has built itself up around the Saga.
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Rebels Reconnaissance: “Visions and Voices” Review


*Spoiler warning: This review contains spoilers for the Star Wars Rebels episode “Visions and Voices.”

Although Star Wars Rebels stands on its own, the power of its storytelling is greatly augmented when seen through the light of The Clone Wars and other offshoots of the burgeoning Star Wars mythos. “Visions and Voices,” this week’s episode, proves this maxim by employing elements from not just Rebels’ sister show but also from sources like the novel Dark Disciple and the comic series Darth Maul- Son of Dathomir to help create what might be the show’s most mature episode yet. There is a tangible history bearing down on the events in “Visions and Voices,” and there is a sense that history will have a great impact on the future of Rebels.

In many ways, “Visions and Voices” is the most unnerving Star Wars Rebels to date as it presents a deeply troubled Ezra who literally can’t get Maul out his head. The erstwhile Sith has forged a powerful connection with his potential apprentice–made all the stronger by their experience with opening the Jedi and Sith holocrons in “The Holocrons of Fate.” Since that occurrence, Maul has gained the ability to speak to Ezra through the Force and appear to him at will. What could first be attributed to exhaustion or stress is soon revealed to be something more akin to Harry Potter’s experience in The Order of the Phoenix as Ezra and Maul are still sharing aspects of their minds. For his part, Ezra has been unaware of the link. But Maul has forged it into a weapon to torment the boy and to force his hand to reacquire the knowledge contained in the holocrons.

To counteract Maul’s influence, Kanan and Ezra seek out Bendu’s advice, but the mysterious Force-wielder is less than helpful as he simply expresses disappointment regarding the holocrons’ destruction and his advice to Ezra to stop seeing Maul is to not turn around. Truly living up to his reputation as the “one in the middle,” Bendu is the very essence of ambivalence toward Ezra’s plight and those who sought him as a mentor should be forewarned that he is not particularly interested in taking a side as evidenced by his disappearance just as Maul reveals himself.

Maul has come to Attolon with a simple enough offer: since he and Ezra have received part of the other’s vision from the holocrons, the two of them should trade the knowledge they do have for what the other needs (or in Maul’s case, what he feels he deserves). Despite Kanan’s warnings, Ezra accepts the offer as the Padawan feels compelled by Maul’s threats to reveal the Rebel base to the Empire and–more importantly–by the opportunity to finally learn how to defeat the Sith. As an outsider with knowledge of how the Sith finally are defeated, I found this last sentiment particularly to be particularly tragic. Ezra truly feels that it is his destiny to bring down the Sith, but he is completely unaware that it is the fate of another–a certain farm boy from a planet with twin suns–to carry out this task. What will happen to Ezra has not revealed, but I can’t help but feel that he’s headed toward disillusionment.

In any case, “Visions and Voices” progresses from Attolon to Dathomir so that Maul can seek out the power of the its extinct former denizens, the Nightsisters. Last seen being wiped out in The Clone Wars episode “Massacre,” the Nightsisters have nonetheless left behind remnants of their “magick” that can help reestablish the link between Ezra and Maul that the two shared by opening the holocrons. But there are other remnants here as well. In fact, Maul has built something of a shrine to his past on Dathomir as a way of restoring his memories. But though the relics (including the Darksaber and a likeness of Duchess Satine Kryze) are meant to inspire a return to the power he once held on Mandalore, instead they simply elicit a sense of how much Maul has lost and how far he has fallen.

But Maul does retain his skill of deception, and after Ezra reconnect their minds and their memories, his true intentions are revealed. The arcane ceremony used to forge the bond does achieve its intended result and confirms a popular theory about the visions from “The Holocrons of Fate” in that Obi-Wan Kenobi and the planet Tatooine feature prominently in them. Unfortunately, the ritual also unleashes the vengeful spirits of two Nightsisters and Ezra soon must battle not only these phantoms but the possessed bodies of Kanan and Sabine.

Taking full advantage of the distraction,Maul makes his way back to his starship, the Nightbrother and makes yet another offer to Ezra to join him. Rebuffed again, Maul scoffs at Ezra, calling him a disappointment and leaves him to deal with the Nightsisters. After narrowly defeating his spectral enemies while somehow still sparing his friends from further harm, Ezra reveals to them his belief that Obi-Wan Kenobi is the key to defeating the Sith and that he is located on a planet with twin suns (which is apparently a feature common to many planets in the Star Wars universe).

In something of a coda, Sabine notices the Darksaber and takes the ancient weapon for her own. As a descendant of House Vizsla that now possesses an ancient symbol of Mandalorian tradition and leadership, Sabine Wren might very well play an even more integral role in how Phoenix Squadron contributes to the overall Rebel Alliance.

And now that our heroes know that Obi-Wan Kenobi is alive, will they engage in a full-fledged manhunt for the Jedi Master? And will we finally get that last showdown between Kenobi and Maul? The second half of this season’s Star Wars Rebels looks to be epic and will surely be worth the wait.

Thank you for reading! If you have feedback or just want to say hello, you can leave a comment on this page or email me at You can also contact me on Twitter @influxman or check out my Rogue page on “Star Wars in the Classroom.”

And don’t forget to check out the latest Rebels Reactions for even more insight, discussion, and analysis on this episode.

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The Lies


Recently I’ve become something of a big Wonder Woman fan. Earlier this year DC Comics went through a universe reset and all the comic series started new stories. The first arc of the Wonder Woman series, written by Greg Rucka who should be familiar to Star Wars fans, is called “The Lies.” It takes Diana on a journey to uncover the truth of her past that has become nothing but a shroud of mystery. Naturally, this got me thinking about “The Lies” that permeate the Star Wars saga. Truth and lies are common elements that follow through all the films, shows, books, and comics.

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Melinda’s Brew: It’s A Tie!

Melinda's Brew

Poor Obi-Wan. [Come to think of it, that’s not a very good adjective to affix to one of the Greatest Jedi who ever lived.] He gets such a bum rap from certain segments of the “Star Wars” fan base. He lied to Luke. He failed Anakin. How much guff can a Jedi take?

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Hasbro’s 2016 SDCC Action Figure Images

Black Series Jyn Erso
Black Series Jyn Erso

The amazing people at Hasbro sent along the exclusives for SDCC, and they are a thing of beauty! Be sure to check daily, as you never know when one of these might become available for a limited time. Enjoy these images, and happy hunting!

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Announcing Hasbro’s Star Wars Celebration and SDCC Exclusives!


Attendees at Star Wars Celebration Europe and San Diego Comic Con have some amazing exclusives to look forward to, thanks to Hasbro! The 6 inch Black Series Kyo Ren and Obi-Wan Kenobi were revealed today, and you can take a closer look and get the details below:

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Leia | “You’ve Always Been Strong”

Becca's Chava Chat
Original Design by Scott Bratek

“Luke, run away, far away. If he can feel your presence, then leave this place. I wish I could go with you.” – Princess Leia

“No, you don’t.” Luke said, “You’ve always been strong.”

“The Bridge” Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

This conversation, between the newly united (in a manner of speaking) brother and sister duo, speaks volumes to me, so much more now since the recent events of Claudia Gray’s newest novel Star Wars: Bloodline. As I wrote in my ‘Book Review’ for The Cantina Cast: Luke was definitely right about that! When have we ever known Leia to run away from danger? On the contrary, it seems as though she has always ran toward it.

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