Book Review: Narrative Equality in Star Wars Galactic Maps


Narrative Equality in Star Wars Galactic Maps

Please note, the following article has mild spoilers for several Star Wars canon books and comics, including but not limited to Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, Lords of the Sith, Lost Stars, and Shattered Empire.

The excitement around new Star Wars narratives seems in direct proportion to the narrative weight that we as fans give those stories. A new Star Wars film is typically seen as the pinnacle of storytelling, with the animated television shows coming behind, also with a lot of excitement and media coverage. New novels are a milestone in their own right while comics fizzle in and out. Short stories often find themselves lacking coverage and reference books rarely make a dent. But… entertain me for a minute, as we explore how a particular reference book, Star Wars Galactic Maps by Emil Fortune and Tim McDonagh, a brand new “Illustrated Atlas of the Star Wars Universe,” brings to light elements from all these mediums in one single printed history of the galaxy, providing some narrative equality across all storytelling vehicles.

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Do you like the Star Wars literary universe? Do you follow the new canonical storyline of the galaxy far, far away? If so, then you’ll want to tune in and subscribe to: Tarkin’s Top Shelf Podcast!

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Tarkin’s Top Shelf — Logo Design by: Jeremy (JMIAH) Williamson

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An Examination of the Prologue of the Star Wars Novelization


I recently picked up at an antique store, an excellent conditioned paperback copy of the 1976 movie adaption to Star Wars, ghost written by Alan Dean Foster. This was one of the first (if not the first) piece of Star Wars merchandise I can remember ever owning as a kid. My brother Doug and I flipped through the photo insert pages until they were falling out of the book—so many iconic images back then were sparking our imaginations even before we saw the movie.  In fact we used these images as templates for building our own Star Wars toys in 1977; before the Kenner action figures hit stores in 1978. We built crude versions of R2-D2, C-3P0, TIE fighters and X-wings.  There is a two-page spread of a TIE fighter and X-Wing fighting over the Death Star that has stuck with me since the book’s release. Oddly enough though, I don’t recall reading the book until well after 1977, prologue pg 00 copypossibly late 1978. As a 9 year old in 1977, I think my biggest literary accomplishment then was a Hardy BoysPrologue pg 0 copy book or two. When I finally did read the book, the prologue stuck out in my mind and would continue to do so through the years and especially during the Prequel era.




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Star Wars News out of SDCC: There’s an Asajj Ventress Novel on the Way!


It was revealed today during the Star Wars: A New Dawn panel at San Diego Comic-Con that a new novel featuring Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Voss is on the way! The panel, which was live-blogged on, included Dave Filoni (executive producer for Star Wars Rebels), Pablo Hidalgo (Lucasfilm Story Group), and Jennifer Heddle (senior editor at Lucasfilm). Here’s what they had to say about the novel, which is due to hit shelves next summer:

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