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Poor Obi-Wan. [Come to think of it, that’s not a very good adjective to affix to one of the Greatest Jedi who ever lived.] He gets such a bum rap from certain segments of the “Star Wars” fan base. He lied to Luke. He failed Anakin. How much guff can a Jedi take?

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A Quart of Oil With Joe2-D2: My Thoughts on The Force Awakens


I’ve seen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens about one dozen times in the theater, and a couple more times at home. As I’ve viewed the film, there have been little things that stood out to me.

Spoilers ahead!

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Lor San Tekka and the Balance of the Force


I’ve seen a lot written and I’ve heard a lot said about Lor San Tekka lately. The leader of the Church of the Force seems to have captured the imaginations of Star Wars fans. I recently watched The Force Awakens again (thank goodness for Blu-ray) and one of his lines caught my attention. “Without the Jedi, there can be no balance to the Force.” Whoa. Wait a second. Didn’t Anakin or Luke Skywalker bring balance to the Force? With that line, Lor San Tekka casts doubt that any balance that was brought to the Force by Anakin and Luke Skywalker is a lasting balance. The question is, what does he mean by this? Ever since the prophecy whereby the Chosen One would bring balance to the Force was mentioned in The Phantom Menace, a great deal of fan speculation has followed. What does Lor San Tekka’s declaration mean to the fabled “balance of the Force?”

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The Galaxy’s Only Hope

Original Design by Scott Bratek
Original Design by Scott Bratek

“I’m hoping Lor San Tekka knows where to find my brother, Poe. And Luke Skywalker may be the only hope we have left.”- General Leia Organa, ‘Before the Awakening’

Lor San Tekka and Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Photo Source:
Lor San Tekka and Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Photo Source:

In the past 38 years between A New Hope and The Force Awakens, the former Princess Leia, now dubbed General Organa, has found herself right back where she started, searching for her Only Hope. Granted, in A New Hope we are led to believe that Ben Kenobi is the only hope she is looking for, when in fact, it is Luke Skywalker. It’s always been him. They were separated in order to remain safe, safely anonymous and in time, when it was right, they were to be reunited. The force is a calling and when it calls, you cannot deny your destiny or that which is your family, especially if you happen to be a Skywalker.

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Book Review — ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Novelization


This review of the novelization for Star Wars: The Force Awakens contains SPOILERS for the book and movie.

Written by Alan Dean Foster, the official novelization for Star Wars: The Force Awakens works well fleshing out certain characters, while filling in some of the blanks the audience is left with after viewing the film. Most Star Wars fans will recognize Foster as the author of the novelization for the original Star Wars (although it was initially credited to George Lucas), so this isn’t new territory for the author. It’s an appreciated ‘full circle’ moment for book lovers and fans of the saga.

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