Comics With Kenobi Issue #19 (194)

We’re flying solo for this month’s issue. Wait. No, we’re not!

While Jeff McGee and Matt Moore had expected to have the first issue of Han Solo to discuss, its release was pushed back to later this month.

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #18 (188)

We’re back for this month’s issue and what a collection of Star Wars comics that Matt Moore and Jeff McGee have to fuss about and discuss! And phone books. Lots of phone books. (OK, not so much the phone books.)

But before we do that, our heartfelt thanks to all who cast their votes for us in the literature category in the first Star Wars Podcast Awards. While we didn’t win, your listening to our show, interacting with us on Twitter and enjoying the shared experience of talking about Star Wars comics is what keeps us coming back every month, and then some.

Now, enough with the sentimentality!

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #17 (182)

We waited. Then we waited some more. Then we waited even more.

December? No. January? Nope. February? March? Maybe. What about April? OK, yes. For real this time. Read more

Comics With Kenobi Issue #15 (171)

We took advantage of the extra day this year to read some more Star Wars comics. Now, we’re talking about them! Are you? Then let’s do it together, why don’t we.
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Comics With Kenobi Issue # 14 (163)


It’s been awhile, but not as long as the wait for Episode VIII is going to be.

Still, it was worth it, given co-hosts Matt Moore and Jeff McGee dive into the comics released since our last issue back in January. (Has it really been almost a month?) and also examine the final sales estimates for comics in 2015, as compiled by John Jackson Miller at his Comichron website.

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Comics With Kenobi Issue # 6 (129)

We’re taking our first steps in a greater world, the one set after the events of Return of the Jedi and, ultimately, leading up to those in The Force Awakens. The first issue of Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Star Wars: Shattered Empire is on our minds including, too, some quantum mechanic issues.

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