Comics With Kenobi Issue #22 (208)

Despite technology’s best effort to thwart them, Jeff McGee and Matt Moore are back for another issue, diving deep into Marvel’s Star Wars comics from September, including Star Wars #22, The Force Awakens #3, Han Solo #3, Poe Dameron #5 and Darth Vader #24.
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Star Wars’ Star Hoppers Leap From Pages to Podcasts

With the first issue of Marvel’s Star Wars on the shelves and a second- and third-printing soon to follow, readers like you are gearing up for next month’s debut of the publisher’s Darth Vader series, too.

For many readers, this is the first time they’ve experienced Marvel publishing Star Wars titles. For other, older readers for whom the late 1970s is not just passages in a history book, it’s a return of sorts.

The original Marvel run began in 1977 and lasted through 1986, encompassing 107 issues that, for the longest time, was the only entree to the Saga amid the Original Trilogy years until the Expanded Universe took root and proliferated. The tales in the series were wild, amazing and, in some cases, so shockingly weird that they’ve become absurdist masterpieces.

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Star Wars #1 Party Variant Cover – Featuring Jaxxon!


Recently we were treated to a number of variant cover reveals for the upcoming Star Wars comic book series from Marvel, and today there is a new one to add to the list – and it just might be the best.  It’s certainly one of the most fun!

From the Official Site:

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