Star Wars in My Backyard — A Guest Blog by Paul Loughlin


Star Wars in My Backyard — A Guest Blog by Paul Loughlin

When it comes to all things Star Wars I always avoid spoilers especially when it comes to the movies themselves, however this was not the case when I made the trip to Ceann Sibéal in Dingle. (Don’t worry there won’t be any spoilers here!). It had long been rumoured that production for the latest episodic instalment of the saga would be returning to Kerry in 2016. And this proved true when set construction began on March of this year. I was still feeling the high I got when watching The Force Awakens with the icing on the cake being Skellig Michael appearing in the third act of the movie, so to hear that production was returning to Kerry and in particular Dingle, a thirty minute drive from my home, my excitement levels went into overdrive.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exclusive — Behind the Scenes with J.J. Abrams in Ireland [VIDEO]

Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry, Ireland Monastic Island
Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Monastic Island

As anyone who has seen The Force Awakens can attest, the secluded island home Luke Skywalker has chosen for himself is dramatic and beautiful. Skellig Michael, located off the southwest coast of Ireland, was selected by director J.J. Abrams for its breathtaking and otherworldly appearance, and it certainly made a lasting impression in the final moments of the film.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek in the video below:

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Force and Faith: Jedi Lessons from Skellig Michael

Force and Faith Sabers SquareThe last time we saw our Jedi Master, he was in triumphant celebration of the destruction of Death Star II. He was also in mourning for his newly-reclaimed father. His journey as a Jedi and as a man was headed in a unique direction after these events. In the poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Luke is conspicuously absent. We do not know why, but speculation abounds. We do know that Mark Hamill was seen filming at a remote location in Ireland. This location will become part of our enduring fandom consciousness, just as the desert of Tunisia, the glaciers of Norway or the redwoods of Northern California have. We are talking about Skellig Michael, an ancient island in Ireland that was once home to Christian monastics.

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‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ to Film in Ireland This Month


It looks like a bit of confusion over in Ireland has been sorted by Lucasfilm, according to Entertainment Weekly. Recent reports suggested that the production for The Force Awakens was returning to Skellig Michael — the remote island off the southwest coast of County Kerry, Ireland where filming took place last year — for reshoots in advance of the December 18 release date.

Lucasfilm cleared things up with this clarification to EW:

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There’s No Place Like Home


I just returned from a trip to another system. A cross between murky, moist Dagobah, lush and green Naboo, and a quaint, cobblestoned yet modern and vibrant metropolis unlike any I’ve seen in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, Ireland captured my heart for the seven days I was there and then released it to appreciate my own corner of the world. Being there brought Star Wars to mind.

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Mark Hamill Tweets His Love for Ireland!


As we reported a few days ago, filming for Star Wars Episode VII shifted to the island of Skellig Michael off the south-west coast of Ireland earlier this week. Among the various members of the production crew was Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.

Mr. Hamill took to Twitter today with a very nice message for his Irish hosts….

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Filming for Star Wars Episode VII Moves to Ireland


Filming for Star Wars Episode VII has moved to Ireland – more specifically, the remote island of Skellig Michael in County Kerry. The site, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is on lockdown and security has been heightened as cast and crew have been arriving over the last few days. According to The Irish Times, Mark Hamill was scheduled to film scenes there today.

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