Force and Faith: My D’Qar D’iet

Force and Faith Sabers SquareAlmost a year ago, I was at a convention and had to have my picture taken for a directory, which I resisted for 6 years.  It could be put off no longer.  A few of my buddies and I got in line and had a ton of fun trying to look professional.  A week or so later, the picture came back and I was confronted with something that I had already known: I had let myself get way too big.  Jabba big.  Pergill big.  I should be Han average, but it seemed that I had taken Malakili as my patron saint.  Something had to be done about it.

That day, I jumped off the couch and went for a walk.  I was incredibly pleased to be able to go an entire mile.  That was the first step in a long journey of trying to live a little better each day.  Over the past few months, I have been thinking of this as my D’Qar D’iet.  Clever, right?

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A Quart of Oil With Joe2-D2: My Thoughts on The Force Awakens


I’ve seen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens about one dozen times in the theater, and a couple more times at home. As I’ve viewed the film, there have been little things that stood out to me.

Spoilers ahead!

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Star Wars, Deadpool, and More!


There is much on my mind as the burgeoning spoils of spring emerge. I’m restless, antsy, ready for change. Full of new hope. Here in Western Pennsylvania, USA, the change of seasons can be dramatic, but even years like this one in which the winter is barely existent, the coming of spring has this effect. (WARNING! Major Deadpool SPOILERS!!)

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The Force Awakens: The Little Things

Rey montage

You know the saying: “It’s the little things.” It’s difficult to imagine anything “little” about a saga as colossal as Star Wars, but it is truly the non-monumental moments that made me fall in love with Star Wars so many years ago and keep me as big a fan today. These moments are in no short supply in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.

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The Question of Rey — A Guest Blog by Eric Onkenhout

Rey Silhouette

**This blog contains speculation concerning characters in The Force Awakens**

So I’m assuming that everyone reading this has seen Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. If you haven’t, then you need to quietly turn around and pretend this never happened.

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Book Review — ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Novelization


This review of the novelization for Star Wars: The Force Awakens contains SPOILERS for the book and movie.

Written by Alan Dean Foster, the official novelization for Star Wars: The Force Awakens works well fleshing out certain characters, while filling in some of the blanks the audience is left with after viewing the film. Most Star Wars fans will recognize Foster as the author of the novelization for the original Star Wars (although it was initially credited to George Lucas), so this isn’t new territory for the author. It’s an appreciated ‘full circle’ moment for book lovers and fans of the saga.

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It’s A Great Time To Be Alive


We live in an interesting era.

In exactly one week a new Star Wars movie will be unleashed upon the world.  And this isn’t any ordinary Star Wars movie, this is a Star Wars movie with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Chewbacca!  We haven’t seen these guys in action for over three decades (Okay we’ve seen Chewie, but I digress) so this is going to feel like the greatest class reunion of all time, complete with answers to all the annoying questions that get asked at such events: What have you been up to, Han old buddy?  How are the kids, Leia?  You do have kids, don’t you; I seem to remember a time when you did but now my memory seems a bit fuzzy on the matter, as if an entire timeline was just erased from existence.  Yo Chewie, how come Itchy never comes around anymore?  Hey Luke, you are in this picture, aren’t you?

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Duel of the Choices — A Guest Blog by Brandon Boylan


Duel of the Choices

— A Guest Blog by Brandon Boylan

“I had no choice!” –-Lando Calrissian

To some, Star Wars is nothing more than blasters and lightsabers. While that is perfectly okay, for some of us Star Wars is so much more. It is a lifestyle and a fandom that defines our very existence. At some point in our lives, we made the choice to engrave Star Wars into our hearts.

This choice is essential not just because it shaped our lives, but also because choices are one of the most important and essential aspects of the saga. While this can likely be said for almost any story, because choices are what cause change, in Star Wars it means something more.

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Becca's Chava Chat

Just shy of a day and a half, approximately 34 hours time, we had a plethora of new Star Wars imagery to explode our wildest of geeked-out imaginations. As if the Official Movie Poster reveal wasn’t enough, we now have words, actual phrases, to pair with our newest Star Wars characters. Those snippets of dialogue are momentous to every Star Wars fan worldwide. In fact, the impact they’ve made in just this short amount of time has been a fan-moment in the making, for over thirty-some years. And yes, the force is indeed, calling …

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A Quart of Oil with Joe2-D2: A Still Moment in a Galaxy Far, Far Away Redux

still moment

Hey Coffee With Kenobi readers, Joe2-D2 here. Sorry for such a long time between blogs. I’ve spent the last seven months recovering from a stroke that I suffered in February.

So for my first blog back, I decided to pull something from the archives.

A few years ago, a group of bloggers, including a few of our very own here at CWK, had decided to write a series of blogs on the original Star Wars blogs describing a still image taken from the Original Trilogy films. We called the series “A Still Moment in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.” We were each given two images and had to decide which one we wanted to write about. This is the photo that I decided to write about. So enjoy.

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