Aerial Filming in Star Wars

This is a first in a series focused on film and other mediums and their possible connections to the Star Wars saga, from a film-making viewpoint and a fans perspective.

When I examine the Star Wars saga, it is strictly from a fans angle. I will never claim to be an expert on its film-making style, nor will I try to attempt to contemplate the inner motivations of each character. I may try, and I may even get pretty close, but that’s not where my strengths lie. I am not a film critic. I have rarely recorded film outside my video camera on my iPhone. What I am however, is a fan of Star Wars. And like many of the things in life that interest me, whether it is music, a book, or a movie, I want to know what sparked the imagination; the creative juices flowing in the mind and heart of its creator; in this case George Lucas.

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Melinda’s Brew: What Are Those Dreams Made Of?

Melinda's Brew

Have you ever found yourself in a particular place or situation, going about your business, and suddenly pulled yourself up short, coming to the conclusion that you have experienced that exact place or situation before – knowing as sure as you’re standing there that you never have been in that place or situation? I have found myself in such situations – more often than I care to admit – and, at the very least, I find them unsettling. An eerie feeling comes over me, and while I do my best to shake off such unwelcome sensations, I can’t help but consider George Lucas was on to something when he worked Force dreams into the Jedi’s abilities. Dreams – they’re pretty powerful stuff!

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Philip Glass and Star Wars: The Spiritual Link

Philip Glass. A name I was not familiar with until about this time last year when his music became an inspiration for the music in an episode of Star Wars Rebels called “Legends of the Lasat.” If you’re a watcher of Star Wars Rebels then you’ve probably noticed more Philip Glass inspired music this season—check out any episodes with Grand Admiral Thrawn. This was the spark that caused me to watch a documentary called Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts. Born in 1937, Philip was a product of the 60s—meaning that any artistic expression was welcome—no one was excluded. Maybe not every one was accepted as being good, but it was a time when artistic freedom was at its peak. This was the case for 30-year-old Philip who didn’t care if his music was enjoyed or not, he just want to write what he liked; What he thought was good:

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The Caffeinated Collector: Episode 31 – “Hope”

Ok, it’s been a month since I saw the Rogue One. As if a new Star Wars movie wasn’t enough news, we also have the passing of Carrie Fisher to contend with. My second viewing of the film just happened to be on the day her death was announced, so the final shot of the film took on even more significance than it ordinarily would have. “Hope,” she said. The Tantive IV took off, the familiar John Williams music started, and the credits rolled. Upon my first viewing, I was smiling. Upon my second, I was still smiling, but it was a bittersweet grin, since it was achieved with the knowledge of Ms. Fisher’s demise. Where would things go from here?

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Melinda’s Brew: Move Along. Move Along.

Melinda's Brew

Eras. They have their beginnings. They have their endings. History marks them. And while we mere humans passing through time are but specks on the timeline of history, our own lives are marked with the beginnings and endings of our own personal eras. Recently, I witnessed the end of an era in my own family. And, if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I am not sure how I feel about it.

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Book Chat: George Lucas: A Life, featuring Brian Jay Jones (230)

Bestselling author Brian Jay Jones has written the long-awaited, revelatory biography of the most iconic name in Star Wars, George Lucas. His new book, George Lucas: A Life, debuted in early December of 2016, and is already a best-seller on Join us as we go behind the scenes with Brian Jay Jones to learn more about George Lucas, and what went into writing this new biography. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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The Caffeinated Collector: Episode 30 – That’s What Star Wars Means To Me, My Love!!

MarvinDog Media Star Wars logo(plain)

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so I’m still in “give thanks” mode. And that’s what I’m gonna do RIGHT NOW!!

I did the daily Thankfulness post on Facebook this year for the first time (at least I think it’s the first time, the mind plays tricks at my age). One day it was about Star Wars, and how it’s brought so much to my life, so I wanted to take a moment to focus on that with you, my favorite reader.

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Enter The Ambassadors for Humanity Gala Sweepstakes and You Could Meet George Lucas and Steven Spielberg!

Join USC Shoah Foundation in Fighting Intolerance and Hatred At Its Annual Fundraising Gala
in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Nov. 15, 2016 – USC Shoah Foundation is offering one member of the public and a guest the chance to attend its Ambassadors for Humanity Gala in December. The gala is a crucial part of the Institute’s efforts helping to forge partnerships that sustain the organization into the future. The gala raises much-needed general funds to support its educational programs including expansion of the Institute’s award-winning IWitness website, professional development for educators globally, the Center for Advanced Genocide Research, academic conferences, expanding access to the Visual History Archive and testimony preservation, to name a few.

Winner of the Ambassadors for Humanity Gala Sweepstakes and a plus-one will receive round-trip transportation to Los Angeles to attend the Institute’s annual fundraising gala on Dec. 8, when Mellody Hobson and George Lucas will be honored with the Institute’s 2016 Ambassador for Humanity Award for their steadfast commitment to dynamic and innovative humanitarian efforts, and their longtime support of USC Shoah Foundation.

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Book Review: Rogue Genius: The Legacy of George Lucas

Book Review:


‘Rogue Genius’

The Legacy of George Lucas

By David Childers

“George Lucas built an empire out of his imagination, yet critics have challenged his accomplishments.” – David Childers


David Childers’ Rogue One: The Legacy of George Lucas takes you on a literary-cinematic journey through the challenges and accomplishments of “The Maker” himself, George Lucas. Not only does Childers explore Lucas’ creative career evolvement, but he also questions Lucas’ choices along the way as he investigates each one, through a journalistic-critical lens that applies a series of scrutinized research. In other words, Childers leaves no stone unturned or in this case, gelatin emulsion coating from a sheet of transparent plastic film.

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There is a Jar Jar In ALL Of Us!

Jay’s Galactic Espressions


In Honor of National Bullying Prevention Month

Albert Einstein wrote, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” (1)

Awkward in social situations. Body parts on a seemingly ridiculously large-scale. Clumsy at all the wrong times. Shunned by people you thought were your friends, for a reason you don’t really understand.

Sounds like I’m describing Jar Jar Binks to a tee, right?

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