Coffee With Kenobi Show #63: Rogue One’s Impact on the Mythology of Star Wars, featuring tha Mike Pilot (244)


In today’s show, Tha Mike Pilot returns to discuss our topic for Show # 63, Rogue One’s impact on the mythology of Star Wars. We also look at the announcement of the new title for Episode VIII, Han Solo casting announcements, Celebration news, including Star Wars Galactic Nights, Nick DiCo discusses Star Wars video games, and Jason Brame updates us on the Star Wars canon. 

In Collector News, we look at the Galen Erso action figure announcement and discuss Star Wars Bluetooth speakers and the Geek Fuel subscription box. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #23 (216)

Is this thing on? Can you hear us? Are we getting through?


After a technical snafu delayed Jeff McGee and Matt Moore, the daring duo have roared back into the Dragon Run to give it another go and what a go it was, what with the latest issues of Star Wars, Star Wars: Poe Dameron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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Lattes with Leia Show #7: Celebration Europe Team-Up (201)


It’s time for the seventh episode of Lattes with Leia! This time around it’s a special edition. Lattes with Leia teamed up with Full of Sith at Celebration Europe live! This installment is hosted by Amy Ratcliffe and Bryan Young. We discuss positivity in fandom and what that means for us.

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Don’t Miss These New Books from Friend of CWK, Bryan Young!


On the lookout for new reading material? Bryan Young — author, filmmaker, co-host of Full Of Sith, writer for, founder of Big Shiny Robot, and friend of CWK — has published two new books, Escape Vector and The Aeronaut. Find out more from the author himself below:

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CWK Co-host Dan Z Joins Full of Sith to Discuss the Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

Trailer Council 2

By now you know the official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has arrived — and you’ve probably been picking it apart frame by frame, analyzing everything. You wouldn’t be the only one! The Full of Sith podcast has assembled learned Star Wars fans and fellow podcasters for a “discussion and dissection” of the trailer. Among those sharing their thoughts is Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z!

You can listen to this special show here.

Coffee With Kenobi Show # 41: The Current State of Star Wars Canon, featuring Full of Sith (123)

CoffeeWithKenobi_NEW_2014_LOGO standard

In today’s show, Full of Sith joins us for part 2 of our epic annual summer crossover event. We hope you caught part one of our conversation with Tha Mike Pilot, Bryan Young, and Bobby Roberts on Episode 126 of Full of Sith. Our friends join us for a cup of coffee as we discuss our topic for Show # 41, the current state of Star Wars canon.

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CWK Co-hosts Dan and Cory Join Full of Sith in a Two-Part Crossover Show


This week, Coffee With Kenobi co-hosts Dan and Cory join the Full of Sith podcast in a two-part crossover show. Part one is available right now at Full of Sith, and part two will be available here on CWK this Friday. Discussion includes “the ending of Return of the Jedi, rumors of a new Star Wars Netflix series, and JJ Abrams’ levels of personal sacrifice for making The Force Awakens.”

Listen now!

Image belongs to Full of Sith.

Coffee With Kenobi Show # 35: Celebration Anaheim Pre-Show, featuring Amy Ratcliffe (95)

CoffeeWithKenobi_NEW_2014_LOGO standard
In today’s show, Amy Ratcliffe joins us as we discuss our topic for Show # 35, Celebration Anaheim. We discuss the nuance of the Anaheim Convention center, Celebration tips and memories, and much more. We also discuss our Celebration podcasting stage announcements, Celebration merchandise, and have your next Espresso shot with the Bearded Trio, featuring Rob Wainfur, as well as talk with Topps Digital Art Director Neil Kleid, and Director of Hero Ministries, Greg Fields. Enjoy the show on your way to Celebration Anaheim; this is the podcast you’re looking for!

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SpecialEdition: Indiana Comic Con (89)

Indiana Comic Con

Coffee With Kenobi presents their Indiana Comic Con coverage, complete with CWK Special Correspondent Tom Gross, as they make their way around the convention floor. We talk with Princess Leia writer Mark Waid, R2 Droid builders, and have a special conversation with Amy Ratcliffe of Full of Sith and Star, as well as Joao Stinson from the Cantina Cast. Finally, join us as we attend Carrie Fisher’s Indiana Comic Con panel. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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A Cup of Clone Wars: The Lost One (49)


Welcome to A Cup of Clone Wars, where Coffee With Kenobi examines Star Wars: The Clone Wars through a critical lens.  On today’s show, returning guest Bryan Young of Full of Sith and Big Shiny Robot joins us to discuss this intriguing episode, where we discover the mystery of Sifo Dyas.  We also explore the Clone Army, Palpatine, and debate balancing the Force.  This is the Podcast you’re Looking For!

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