Force and Faith: My D’Qar D’iet

Force and Faith Sabers SquareAlmost a year ago, I was at a convention and had to have my picture taken for a directory, which I resisted for 6 years.  It could be put off no longer.  A few of my buddies and I got in line and had a ton of fun trying to look professional.  A week or so later, the picture came back and I was confronted with something that I had already known: I had let myself get way too big.  Jabba big.  Pergill big.  I should be Han average, but it seemed that I had taken Malakili as my patron saint.  Something had to be done about it.

That day, I jumped off the couch and went for a walk.  I was incredibly pleased to be able to go an entire mile.  That was the first step in a long journey of trying to live a little better each day.  Over the past few months, I have been thinking of this as my D’Qar D’iet.  Clever, right?

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Star Wars Connective Tissue


There are a lot of things that Star Wars fans connect their love of the saga with. For some it may be how they met a spouse, for others it could be how they remember their childhood toys, and for others it might be something even crazier. But for me, My love of Star Wars comes together with another one of my loves, Death Metal music.

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The Office Jedi – How to Keep the Robes Fitting Right and the Mind Sharp in the Modern Workforce

Modern Jedi

“Training to become a Jedi is not an easy challenge, and even if you succeed, it’s a hard life.” – Qui-Gon Jinn to Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

The Jedi Order impressed us all with their fantastic physical abilities. Unfortunately, real people can’t harness the Force to run, leap, and spin lightsabers the way the Jedi did on-screen. To add further insult to injury, many work situations have us sitting down most of the day, surrounded by artificial light, constantly tempted by office treats, and possibly even surrounded by coworkers whose thoughts are more dark side than light. With all of this against us, how can modern office workers stay healthy and Jedi fit while we’re on the clock? This month, I’ll examine how we can monitor our exercise, nutrition, and attitude throughout the workday.

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