Save Up To 45% Off on Costumes and Accessories at ANOVOS!

Details form ANOVOS:

From now through Friday, December 16th, check back daily at 9am Pacific Time for new deals on select IN STOCK costumes and accessories with discounts ranging up to 45% off using select coupon codes provided below. Act quickly as coupon code uses are limited!

Note: Only one coupon code can be used per transaction. Choose wisely for maximal savings!

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Lattes with Leia Show #10: Costumes and Cosplay (222)


It’s time for the tenth episode of Lattes with Leia! Since it’s nearly Halloween, we thought it was a perfect time to discuss costumes. We cover our Star Wars cosplay, discuss some results of a cosplay study Drea did, and touch on the costume design of the films. Listen and then share your thoughts on the subject and your Star Wars cosplay pics with us.

Links relevant to this episode are listed below.

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Pre-Order STAR WARS First Order Stormtrooper Premier Armor From ANOVOS


You’ve been waiting patiently, and now the time is here. You can become FN-2187 (or TR-8R — up to you!) with your very own Star Wars: The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper Premier Armor, now available for pre-order from ANOVOS.

You can pre-order the completed armor, or a kit.

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Check Out the Special Not-At-The-Con Discount from ANOVOS!


You know you’ve been thinking about that costume. You know you must have that costume, somehow. Maybe you’ll be a stormtrooper! Or Kylo Ren? Perhaps Rey? Han Solo is always good. Well ANOVOS is making it a little easier to live your dream with a special 10% discount on select items.

More details below:

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New ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Bonus on iTunes — ‘Dressing the Galaxy’


New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Bonus on iTunes

‘Dressing the Galaxy’ — an all-new bonus feature — is available as an iTunes Extras Exclusive for fans who buy or own Star Wars: The Force Awakens on iTunes! Fans will get the whole story of how Rey got her look and learn more about their favorite character’s costumes.

Check out a clip from the bonus feature about Rey’s look below!

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Pre-Orders Now Open for Kylo Ren’s Costume from ANOVOS!


Is it your dream to be the Master of the Knights of Ren?  If so, get ready to take your first steps….

Pre-orders are now being accepted for the Kylo Ren costume from ANOVOS, with shipping scheduled for November 2016. You have two options:

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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Finn and Han Solo Jackets from Hexder!


Star Wars – The Force Awakens Jackets
Press Release

There are many debates and craze for Star Wars – The Force Awakens after the release of the movie. Ratings and positive reviews helped gained popularity even more, thanks to the fans who watched Star Wars for years. There are many who have collected some items from the previous episodes and is still running wild. In this regards, there should be some changes in Star Wars merchandise, especially from Star Wars – The Force Awakens. The main key point is that, some interesting merchandise should exist from Star Wars – The Force Awakens, and we have it now.

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Force Friday: Unboxing Star Wars Costumes in Chicago — A Guest Post by PK Sullivan

Photo Sep 03, 11 53 34Force Friday: Unboxing Star Wars Costumes in Chicago

— A Guest Post by PK Sullivan

When Lucasfilm and Disney announced that there would be a global unboxing event leading up to Force Friday, I knew I’d be glued to the computer watching the stream. By sheer force of will, Disney has created a second Christmas for Star Wars fans. I noticed on the full schedule that one of the unboxing events would be here in Chicago and immediately started planning on how to attend. My work schedule coincided perfectly with the Chicago unboxing at the Disney Store — the unboxing was at 8:30 a.m. and I don’t punch in until 10:00 a.m. It gave me plenty of time to take the train from the Magnificent Mile down to the Loop.

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Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet Now Available from ANOVOS, Plus Stretch Goal Info!


Your dreams of becoming a stormtrooper are closer to reality! ANOVOS has made this iconic Star Wars wearable stormtrooper helmet — either the ready-to-wear version or the do-it-yourself kit — available for pre-order right now.

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