Force And Faith: Jyn and the Woman of Hope

The joy of being a Star Wars fan knows no bounds.  To be treated to the latest epic adventure just days before the celebration of Christmas is like an embarrassment of riches!  Let’s take a short spoiler-free look at Rogue One, and see what we can draw out of it. offers this as a synopsis of the movie: “In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star, the Empire’s ultimate weapon of destruction.”  While this is an ensemble cast, the story has an iconic heroine in Jyn Erso.  Through her, the story is moved, the task is completed (don’t be surprised, since we have known since 1977) and all of the soldiers aboard Rogue One find their fulfillment.  That is all I will say, in case you haven’t seen it yet.  But seriously, why are you reading my ramblings if you haven’t seen the move yet?  Put this down!  Run to the theater!  Then, come back and finish up here.

The scourge of the Empire has enslaved millions and oppressed the rest.  Their power is supported by Death Star I as it menaces the galaxy.  Only Jyn can get her hands on the plans and deliver them to the Rebel Alliance.  Her efforts are the beginning of the hope-filled future for the Rebellion.  The sinister Sith-inspired scum are coming upon their crushing calamity. Read more

Coffee With Kenobi Show # 60: The Nature of the Force, featuring Bobby Roberts (231)

In today’s show, our first ever mystery guest (UPDATE: it’s Bobby Roberts) joins us as we discuss our topic for Show # 60, the nature of the Force. We also look at where we will be for the premiere of Rogue One, discuss Dan’s adventures over the past month, talk with members of the CWK family about Rancho Obi-Wan, Jason Brame shares the latest updates to the canon, and Nick DiCo gives us some exciting updates in the world of Star Wars video games.

In Collector News, we look at the CWK Holiday gift guide and talk about the Nissan Rogue One Limited edition. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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Coffee With Kenobi’s Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Looking for the perfect Star Wars gift for that special someone? Want to give a friend some not so subtle hints about what you want to receive this Christmas? Coffee With Kenobi has you covered with a Christmas gift guide extravaganza, brought to you by members of the Coffee With Kenobi family. Get those shopping lists ready for some of the very best collectibles in the world of Star Wars!

It’s difficult to narrow down the ever-expanding list of highly-prized Star Wars collectibles. There are so many wonderful things to choose from! For my pick, let’s go for two unique items.

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Entertainment Earth Reveals Can’t-Miss Holiday Gifts!


Entertainment Earth Reveals Can’t-Miss Holiday Gifts
Newly Published Staff Picks Make Gift Giving Easy
SIMI VALLEY, CA: December 2, 2015

This year, there’s no need to stress about finding the perfect gift, because the knowledgeable staff at Entertainment Earth has curated the hottest toys and collectibles to wrap up with a bow. These Staff Picks feature over 250 products representing popular movies, television series, and cultural trends the public is raving about right now. Plus, when patrons spend $49 or more on in-stock orders until December 15, they receive free shipping.* This means big savings while easily procuring multiple gifts at once.

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Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition – Black Friday Deals!


Disney Infinity Black Friday Doorbuster Deals at Top Retailers

Disney Interactive announced today major retailers’ aggressive Black Friday deals beginning on Thursday, November 26 of the top rated Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack and figures. The latest title in the blockbuster franchise spans the entire Star Wars saga – including the highly anticipated Star Wars™: The Force Awakens, which has been featured on major “must have” holiday toy lists and is poised to top kids’ wish lists.

Following is a summary of the holiday accolades Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition has earned to date:
· Toys’R’Us “Hot Holiday List”
· Target’s “Top Toy List”
· Amazon’s “Holiday Toy List”
· Toy Insider “Hot 20”
· Time to Play’s “Most Wanted”

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Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning {Video}


Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning

Duracell, the official battery power of the all-new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys, is powering imaginations everywhere this holiday season with the release of its new commercial, “Battle for Christmas Morning” The spot features a 14-year old boy and his 9-year old sister entering a limitless world of creativity once Duracell Quantum batteries are inserted into their new lightsaber toys. The 60-second spot, which features appearances by original Star Wars characters, C-3PO and R2-D2, highlights the power and importance of imagination for the whole family.

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Hallmark Announces 2015 Star Wars Ornaments and More


Hallmark has revealed its line of Star Wars ornaments for Christmas 2015. Featured this year are Darth Vader, Luke and Yoda, C-3P0 and R2-D2, a Y-Wing Starfighter, and newcomer Zeb Orrelios from Star Wars Rebels.

You can see this year’s selection of ornaments below (click on each image for more info):

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Force and Faith: Yippee! Childlike Hope this Christmas Season

Force and Faith Sabers SquareIt’s almost here! That great morning that many kids look forward to – Christmas morning! That wonderful day that is so full of possibilities and expectations. Wish lists were distributed to relatives, and expectations were set high. For many of us who will stop by the venerable Coffee With Kenobi, there was the expectation of a new Star Wars ship or action figure under the tree. Many of us are finding that even now, as we have put a few years behind us, that we still hold on to that giddy expectation.

Sometimes, life has beaten us down, or left a few stripes on our backs. Our expectations have gone unfulfilled. But we know that we are struggling because the ideal of how the world should work is still beckoning in the back of our minds. Read more

A Hard Candy Christmas

Becca's Chava Chat

“We will all be challenged. Our trust … Our faith … Our friendships, but we must persevere.” -Obi-Wan Kenobi


Not ALL holidays are special.  Sometimes they can be painful memories of what “once was” or even a bowl full of hard candy “might-have-beens.”  In light of the holiday season, there are quite a few to choose from this time of year; each one adding a special element to its cultural traditions in order to bring loved ones closer together in a spiritual celebration. At least, I believe that’s the whole point, right? As for me, that holiday would be Christmas and, let me just say, not every Christmas is one to remember.

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