Truly Wonderful, the Memories of Star Wars Celebration Are!

As I sit down to write this, there are only 25 days left until Star Wars Celebration Orlando!  My, how time flies. It feels like just yesterday we were getting the news on that the next celebration would be in Orlando – once again, I’m overwhelmed with a whirlwind of emotions. No worries, at this point I’m a veteran of Star Wars Celebrations as this one will mark my fourth Force-tastic adventure of being immersed in the galaxy far, far away. In other words, all is right in the world.

And so, in light of Star Wars Celebration, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my past celebration experiences with all of you. Hopefully you’ll find some joy in my personal stories and maybe you’ll even learn something about me you didn’t already know. Ready. Set. Go!

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Coffee With Kenobi Show #64: The Anti Hero in Star Wars, featuring Stephen Stanton (249)

In today’s show, we have breaking news about the future of Coffee With Kenobi. In our discussion segment, Stephen Stanton returns for our topic on Show # 64, the role of the anti hero in Star Wars. We also talk about the latest Celebration Orlando announcements, our current Celebration itinerary, and Cory continues to taunt Dan about Pacific Rim is. Returning contributor Nick DiCo is back to discuss Star Wars video games and Jason Brame brings us an update on the Star Wars canon.

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Drowning in Moonlight Memorial Gala to Honor Carrie Fisher at Celebration Orlando

Memorial Gala to honor Carrie Fisher during Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Thursday night, April 13th, when the lights go out at Star Wars Celebration, one group of fans is seeing to it that the celebrating won’t be over. They are the hosts of Drowning in Moonlight: the memorial gala in honor of Carrie Fisher being held poolside at the adjacent Rosen Centre Hotel. The party kicks off at 7:30 and features a silent auction, a custom photo booth, exclusive merchandise, and an ever-growing roster of special guests. Tickets to the gala are $40 per person with a special price of $75 for couples that runs through Valentine’s Day. All proceeds will benefit The Midnight Mission, a charity that was close to Ms. Fisher’s heart.

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New Her Universe Tee Honors Carrie Fisher and Helps a Great Cause

Her Universe has added an all-new t-shirt to their Star Wars collection — but this isn’t just any Star Wars tee! Titled “Self-Rescuing Princess,” this tee is an homage to Carrie Fisher, and proceeds from sales of this shirt will benefit the mental health charity The Thalians, which once had Debbie Reynolds as President.  A fitting tribute to two wonderful women who are deeply missed!

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Drowning in Moonlight: A Carrie Fisher Memorial Gala

Drowning in Moonlight is a memorial benefit in honor of Carrie Fisher (1956-2016) and in the service of The Midnight Mission – a cause that was close to Ms. Fisher’s heart. The gala is scheduled to be held on Thursday, the 13th of April, 2017 in Orlando, Florida in concert with Star Wars Celebration Orlando. The event is being coordinated by the team from Tosche Station and the Star Wars Podcast Alliance with support from an ever-growing list of prominent Celebration personalities, sponsors, and fan sites including Full of Sith, Jedi News, Coffee With Kenobi, Star Wars Report, Retro Zap, and more.

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Lattes with Leia Show #13: Remembering Carrie Fisher (245)


We did it! The thirteenth episode of Lattes with Leia marks our year anniversary. After discussing what we’re most excited about related to Star Wars at the moment – the Star Wars Day at Sea Disney Cruise and runDisney’s Star Wars half – we talk about Carrie Fisher. We cover her role as Princess Leia, her work raising awareness for mental issues, her writing, and her legacy.

This one’s for you, Carrie.

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It’s OK To Mourn People You Don’t Know

2016 was a year that teemed with memorable moments, from the Cubs winning a World Series for the first time in over a century to a grueling election season with results that–to put it mildly–proved divisive to American citizens. Perhaps the most surprising facet of the sixteenth year of the new millennium came not from the annals of sports or politics, but pop culture. Last year was deemed “The Year of Death,” as an unusual number of actors and musicians passed from this world. Many of these people were not of the character actor, “where have I seen this guy before” variety, but titanic icons whose names conjure immediate images: David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, George Michael.

And, of course, Carrie Fisher, who passed away in the final week of 2016 after suffering a massive heart attack.

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #26 (238)

It’s never easy losing a friend, an idol, an icon. The loss of Carrie Fisher is one we won’t forget and will feel, acutely, through 2017 and beyond.

It’s among the reasons this episode starts somber, and for good reason, but we never lose sight of the hope that Star Wars brings its legion of fans and the community that has built itself up around the Saga.
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Carrie Fisher: In Memoriam (236)

The Princess

The passing of Carrie Fisher was sudden, unexpected, and is a tremendous loss felt worldwide. Coffee With Kenobi is joined by returning guest, and Hollywood Insider, Bill Thill, as we reflect on the legacy of Carrie Fisher, her many talents and roles, and what she meant to each of us.

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Coffee With Kenobi Remembers Carrie Fisher

On December 27, the unthinkable happened. The world lost Carrie Fisher. Family, friends, colleagues, and fans have shared their grief over the devastating reality that she’s gone. Known not only for her most famous role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, but also as a best-selling author, first-rate actress, script doctor, and mental-health advocate. Most importantly, she was a mother, a daughter, and a sister. She leaves a hole no one will ever fill. Carrie Fisher was one-of-a-kind and loved by everyone who knew her personally, or were touched by her work and enduring spirit over the years.

We here at Coffee With Kenobi would like to share some recollections of our Princess, our General, our beloved Carrie Fisher.

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