Coffee With Kenobi Show # 60: The Nature of the Force, featuring Bobby Roberts (231)

In today’s show, our first ever mystery guest (UPDATE: it’s Bobby Roberts) joins us as we discuss our topic for Show # 60, the nature of the Force. We also look at where we will be for the premiere of Rogue One, discuss Dan’s adventures over the past month, talk with members of the CWK family about Rancho Obi-Wan, Jason Brame shares the latest updates to the canon, and Nick DiCo gives us some exciting updates in the world of Star Wars video games.

In Collector News, we look at the CWK Holiday gift guide and talk about the Nissan Rogue One Limited edition. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #23 (216)

Is this thing on? Can you hear us? Are we getting through?


After a technical snafu delayed Jeff McGee and Matt Moore, the daring duo have roared back into the Dragon Run to give it another go and what a go it was, what with the latest issues of Star Wars, Star Wars: Poe Dameron and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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Coffee With Kenobi Show # 20: The Methodology of Rumors, featuring Bobby Roberts (36)

Coffee With Kenobi : Now with the Bearded Trio!

In today’s show we talk with Full of Sith’s Bobby Roberts to discuss the methodology of rumors in Star Wars and Popular Culture.  Bobby is no stranger to Star Wars or Podcasting, and this is a conversation you will definitely enjoy.  We also discuss official news concerning the Star Wars standalone films and directors, casting news, and how you can be in Episode VII, while making a significant contribution to UNICEF.  We will also discuss how you can get in shape with Star Wars, as well as the next offering of  “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio”.  This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

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