Comics With Kenobi #30

April proved a pivotal month for Star Wars comics.

From the first issue of Marvel’s Rogue One adaptation, which provided some context and details not seen in the film, to the conclusion of  story arcs in Star Wars 30 and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra 6along with the passing of a beloved member of the Resistance’s Black Squadron in Star Wars: Poe Dameron 13, there was plenty of pathos and high adventure to be had.

Co-hosts Matt Moore and Jeff McGee were suitably impressed with Star Wars: Darth Maul 3, which continued to build nuanced layer after nuanced layer on a Zabrak who began life seemingly as a throwaway character, but has grown to become one of the Star Wars Saga’s most enduring and utterly complex characters.

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Comics With Kenobi Issue #27 (246)

We’re two years in and then some in this grand experiment of Marvel’s Star Wars comics. We have to admit, it’s been a heck of a run.

In this episode, we’re talking the releases from January and the first week of February.

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We interview with comic creators Alex Ray and Jim Mello. The artist and writer from Florida created A Star Wars Comic, a monthly fan-made comic that takes readers — in just six pages — deeper into the Star Wars head canon.

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For Fans Jim Mello and Alex Ray, Their ‘A Star Wars Comic’ Promises New Tales, Intrigue and More Every Month

Among the startling delights of Rogue One: Star Wars Story were the new characters, nearly all of whom perished by the film’s end. Of intriguing interest was Edrio and Benthic Two Tubes, the Tognaths who were among the trusted members of Saw Gerrera’s band of Rebels on Jedha.

While their time on screen was short, it was impressive, but the screenplay allowed for scant detail about the egg mates’ origins, thinking and devotion to the Rebellion.

That’s changed, thanks not to just the assorted books, from the official novel adapting the film or the excellent Rogue One: A Visual Guide.

For Jim Mello and Alex Ray, it wasn’t enough. The pair were so intrigued by Benthic Two Tubes that they seized upon the idea of a six-page comic about the Tognath and, in the process, have created a fan-made ode to not just the character, but to Star Wars, too.
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