Jason Isaacs is the Voice of The Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels! – UPDATED


More casting news for Star Wars Rebels today! Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, Awake, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Patriot) will be providing the voice for a Jedi hunter known as The Inquisitor. We got our first look at the lightsaber-wielding villain last fall.

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Melinda’s Brew : Stepping Into A Larger World (2)

Melinda's Brew

Let’s see … where did I leave off last time? I was sharing my recollections from my delightful luncheon with Jonathan Wilkins, editor of Star Wars Insider. 🙂 Jonathan had mentioned that the Insider would be publishing an upcoming article about Star Wars’ female fan base and the lack of female character toys. Have you seen Issue # 151 yet? It contains a great six-page spread about fangirls written by Tricia Barr. I could tell you all about the article (well done, Tricia!), but what fun would there be in that? Find a copy of the periodical, and read it! And all the other great stories in the Insider! You won’t be disappointed.

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New York, NY – July 15th, 2014 – In 1977 a phenomenon dawned. Marvel Comics published the very first STAR WARS comic-book series. Now, the House of Ideas is re-presenting those original adventures in its over-sized Omnibus format – STAR WARS: THE ORIGINAL MARVEL YEARS collecting STAR WARS (1977) #1-44 and ANNUAL #1.

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Andy Serkis Feels Really Good About Star Wars Episode VII!


When Andy Serkis was a teenager, he was thrilled by seeing Star Wars on the big screen. Now, he’s part of Saga himself! He’s understandably excited – but probably not as excited as another member of his family:

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Coffee Chat: Exclusive Conversation with Mark Dodson


On this Coffee Chat Exclusive, Coffee With Kenobi Blogger James Howell has an amazing conversation with Mark Dodson.  Mark is best known to Star Wars fans for voicing Salacious Crumb, but is also the voice of the Gremlins in the two Gremlins films.

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Introducing Agent Kallus, Imperial Enforcer on ‘Star Wars Rebels’


Ready to meet nother character from the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels? Of course you are! Well, here’s a peek at Agent Kallus, enforcer for the Empire, voiced by David Oyelowo

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10 Interesting Things We Learned from the Jeremy Bulloch Reddit AMA


Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett himself! – participated in a reddit AMA this afternoon, and we’ve got a rundown of ten interesting things we learned from the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter. First things first, though – Mr. Bulloch wanted to remind everyone to support the Force for Change initiative. You could win a trip to the set of Episode VII, if you do! They’ve also added a Boba Fett T-shirt to the list of rewards. Click here for more info: http://www.omaze.com/starwars

Now, here are those ten interesting things, presented in no particular order…

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It’s Star Wars Night on ESPN’s Wednesday Night Baseball!


Fans watching tonight’s ‘Wednesday Night Baseball’ game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates on ESPN will feel as though they’re in a galaxy far, far away as ‘Star Wars Night’ kicks into gear at Busch Stadium.

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The Cinematic Language Of Episode VII: A Guest Blog from Mark Newbold

The Cinematic Language Of Episode VII
While tweeting online the other night with Jason Ward of Making Star Wars, we happened upon a topic that really opened up into a debate on the cinematic language used in the Star Wars films, and whether that language will remain or be changed with next Decembers Star Wars Episode VII.

Star Wars Episode VII is Shooting in IMAX; Bad Robot Tweets out Intriguing Image


J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, tweeted out an interesting image today. It features an IMAX camera filming in a vast, remote looking desert location. Could this be for Star Wars Episode VII? Is this Tatooine? Here’s the image in question:

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