CWK Blogger Matt Moore dishes about his fandom on Bantha Banter

On the latest Bantha Banter: A Star Wars Chat Show, CWK blogger Matt Moore talks with CWK blogger Jeff McGee about his time in Germany and his love of Star Wars comics. Listen in at, then check out Matt-AT’s blog here!

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Star Wars and Valentine’s Day


February is my wife’s favorite month and it’s not because she loves groundhogs or the Superbowl or because it is National Dental Health Month (but keep reading if you happen to like Star Wars toothbrushes). She loves February because she loves Valentine’s Day, and she also loves her amazing husband who she was lucky enough to marry in February. Ok, so she is only lucky from a certain point of view, but still. If you knew her or saw her you would realize that I can use the Force, because a Jedi mind trick is the only way I could have gotten her to marry me. I definitely married up. Today is our eleventh wedding anniversary actually, so for my February blog I thought I’d write about two of the things I love: Star Wars and my wife. Sappy. I know.

Leia and Han

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A Welcome Omission Amid the Covers for “Princess Leia” #1

Mark Brooks variant.


Marvel Comics released several previews of its variant covers for next month’s launch of Princess Leia, the third of its four planned Star Wars comics, and what makes these offerings stand out is what they don’t feature.

The Slave Leia outfit.

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Star Wars Celebration Updates: Podcast Schedule Released; Original Trilogy Cast Members Confirmed

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Star Wars Celebration News: Coffee With Kenobi First Up on the Podcast Stage; Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, and Kenny Baker Confirmed!

The full podcast schedule for Star Wars Celebration has been released, and guess who takes the stage first? That’s right – Coffee With Kenobi will kick things off! As exciting as that is, there’s even bigger news. Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, and Kenny Baker have been confirmed!

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New Comedy Podcast “The He Said He Said Show” Starring Darren Hayes and Tim Stanton

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New Comedy Podcast “The He Said He Said Show”
Starring Darren Hayes and Tim Stanton
Launching Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

“The He Said He Said Show” starring Darren Hayes and Tim Stanton is a comedy Podcast about nothing by two diametrically opposed idiots. Tim is a hairy ball of a man and Darren is an ex 90’s pop star who Tim describes as really effeminate. You know Darren Hayes as one half of the pop group ‘Savage Garden’. They met at the famous Groundlings sketch comedy school where they are writing and comedy partners. They disagree on most things but make each other laugh. A lot. Discussions on Nerd culture, pop culture and locker room inappropriateness await the lucky listener who stumbles upon this man cave. Expect dares, reviews, anecdotes, and a thinly veiled attempt to bridge the gap between straight/gay, American/Australian, funny and truly offensive. Oh and Star Wars.

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Vintage Star Wars Figures: How I Rediscovered My Old Toys

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Vintage Star Wars Figures: How I Rediscovered My Old Toys

My blog, Looking Away to the Horizon, tends to focus more on the personal side of Star Wars. The majority of my articles deal with my Star Wars Room, what a certain part of the movies mean to me, and how Star Wars has become a positive influence in my family. Basically what Star Wars means to me as an adult fan. Oddly enough, my two previous guest posts for Coffee With Kenobi were more historical examinations of vintage items that helped to explain where George Lucas was coming from when he set out to create our favourite saga. In the spirit of my own blog, I would like to explore something much more personal to me, namely, why it took me nearly twenty years to find a place in my fandom for vintage Star Wars toys.

Also, I’m getting a little tired of non-news and rumours clogging up my Twitter feed. What do I do when it feels like being a Star Wars fan is becoming work? I talk about toys.

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Go Behind-The-Scenes With Star Wars Rebels – Rebels Recon #12


Grand Moff Tarkin Returns in Star Wars Rebels – “Call to Action”

Spoilers for “Call to Action”

Tonight’s episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Call to Action,” saw the return of Grand Moff Tarkin and, from his first moment on-screen, his was a commanding presence. He’s definitely not up for any nonsense about a band of Jedi-led rebels – as he makes abundantly clear via The Inquisitor.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this episode in the video below:

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Rebels Reconnaissance: “Call to Action” Review

*Spoiler warning: This review contains spoilers for the STAR WARS REBELS episode “Call to Action” and mild spoilers for James Luceno’s TARKIN.

Even though the show is still in its freshman season, several characters from the STAR WARS films have already appeared on STAR WARS REBELS.  But with the possible exception of Darth Vader, none have seemed to be such a natural fit as the one featured in “Call to Action.” Already referenced in “Spark of Rebellion” with that episode’s inclusion of Tarkintown, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin makes a grand entrance into REBELS that immediately calls to mind the opening of RETURN OF THE JEDI.

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Darth Vader’s Solo Marvel Comics Debut Reveals a Murderous, Vile Intent

This review is spoiler-free, save for one obvious tenet: Darth Vader is a bad, bad man.

There’s no escaping the simple truth after reading the first issue of Marvel Comics’s Star Wars: Darth Vader #1: He’s a thoroughly evil and vile man-machine filled with paranoia, self-loathing and vindictiveness.DarthVader1Variant

In short, he’s just what the Empire needs to help stoke fear across its vast interstellar holdings, even if his failure to keep the Death Star from destruction has drawn the ire of Emperor Palpatine.

From the opening crawl of the first pages of Marvel’s first issue of Darth Vader, out Feb. 11 in comic shops, it’s evident that writer Kieron Gillen and artist Salvador Larocca aren’t squandering the opportunity to lay bare what makes Darth Vader who he is, why he is and why he’s struggling with it.

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CWK Co-host Dan Z is the Guest on the Latest ‘Talking Toys’ Podcast


The latest episode of Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff is now live, and they have a special guest – CWK co-host Dan Z! Jeff McGee from Talking Toys is also a blogger here at Coffee With Kenobi, so it’s ‘all in the family.’ 😉

Here’s what’s going on in this episode:

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