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In today’s show, Scott Murray is back as we discuss our topic for Show # 48 The Phantom Menace. Scott helps us complete our look at the six existing films in the franchise, as we examine the 1999 film. We will also share our final thoughts on The Force Awakens before we see the film for the first time, share our plans for the film, and look back at the Magic Kingdom meet up. 
In Collector News, Annie Stoll discusses her amazing designs, and we look at Coffee With Kenobi giveaways from Google and Fandango. We also share more of your feedback; this is the podcast you’re looking for!

Listen to the Show here!

Show Notes


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CWK Movie plans

Meet-Up Show, featuring Ashley Eckstein and Meet-Up Recap by Aaron Harris

Collector News

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Google Giveaway

Fandango Giveaway

Discussion Segment

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Email Segment

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