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Do you like the Star Wars literary universe? Do you follow the new canonical storyline of the galaxy far, far away? If so, then you’ll want to tune in and subscribe to: Tarkin’s Top Shelf Podcast!

Tarkin's Top Shelf -- Logo Design by: Jeremy (JMIAH) Williamson
Tarkin’s Top Shelf — Logo Design by: Jeremy (JMIAH) Williamson

Produced by The Cantina Cast, a 9 Proof Media ProductionTarkin’s Top Shelf delves into the new canonical literary novels, junior novels, and stories of the Star Wars universe. Our hosts, Mark E. Sutter (Co-host of Idiot’s Array Pod and also a Cantina Cast Blogger/Contributor) and Becca Benjamin (CIO, Editor, Blogger for The Cantina Cast and also a Coffee with Kenobi Blogger/Contributor) will be discussing the Pros and Cons as well as their personal perspectives on each bookish installment they chose to review for each show.

In the beginning segment of each show, Mark and Becca will discuss the selected book in a ‘general sense’ (for those that have yet to read ‘said’ book) before going into explicit detail and/or elaborating on the material(s).

So, if you’ve been searching for a podcast that explores, reviews, and offers recommendations pertaining to the Star Wars literary universe, then reach for the “Top Shelf” – Tarkin’s Top Shelf and be charmed to the last

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