MATT-AT: New Journeys and Tales for the Star Wars Universe, Marvel Style

Marvel Comics Editor Jordan D. White is keeping busy this fall, and its not just his work on Deadpool causing that to happen.

When you’re tasked with shepherding three separate “Star Wars” comics and ensuring the license’s return to Marvel Entertainment nearly 30 years since Star Wars No. 107 StarWars107was published, ending the original series’ 10-year run that started with the release of A New Hope in cinemas, it’s only natural to have a lot to do.

The work White is doing as editor on the new books — Star Wars, Star Wars: Darth Vader and Star Wars: Princess Leia — is remarkably similar to the publisher’s other titles, yet he and the creative teams are not just crafting new tales set between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, they are engaging in and becoming part of something far more vast in scope, taking the first steps of creating canon for a saga whose reach is global and evergreen.

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Coffee With Kenobi Show # 24: Darth Maul (50)

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In today’s show, Jordan Maison of Cinelinx joins us to talk about our topic for Show # 24, Darth Maul.  We also discuss the Rebels release date and clips, “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio” featuring Rob Wainfur, and much more.  This is the Podcast you’re looking for!

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Coffee With Kenobi Show # 23: Rebels The Visual Guide Author Adam Bray (47)

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In today’s show we share a cup of coffee with Adam Bray, author of Star Wars Rebels, The Visual Guide.  Adam will be discussing his work on the book, as well as his collaboration with the creative forces behind the upcoming series.  We also discuss Dave Filloni news and Celebration Anaheim updates (including a Podcasting stage!), Theme Park discussion, the Rebels preview,and Rob interviews Cory Dee Williams on your next offering of  “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio”.  We will also update you with Coffee With Kenobi t shirt news; This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

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A Cup of Clone Wars: The Disappeared Parts I & II (46)


Welcome to A Cup of Clone Wars, where Coffee With Kenobi examines Star Wars: The Clone Wars through a critical lens.  On today’s show, we discuss Parts I & II of The Disappeared from Season 6, featuring Jar Jar Binks and Mace Windu.  Laird Malamed of the Indy Cast and Chris Hamilton from Star Wars Kidscast. join us as we look at these two polarizing characters, as well as the nature of the Force, Mother Talzin, and Indiana Jones references.  This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

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Coffee With Kenobi Show # 22: Ian Doescher & The Jedi Doth Return (45)

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Note: This show was taped before SDCC 2014

In today’s show we talk with William Shakespeare’s Star Wars author, Ian Doescher as we discuss the final book in his amazing trilogy, The Jedi Doth Return.  We also discuss the latest Rebels trailer, J.J. Abrams latest video for Force for Change, meet the voice of the Inquisitor and Agent Kallus, and discuss new Star Wars Vans, as well as SDCC exclusives.  Consetta Parker joins us for a quick cup to talk about the second annual Rancho Obi-Wan gala as well.  This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

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Star Wars Weekends Week 4 Recap

Mickey's Jedi Blend

So we have made it to week 4. First I want to apologize for the delay in the recaps of week four and week five. As soon as Star Wars Weekends ended, my private life became extremely busy between work and family. I know I have heard from several of you and want to thank each of you for your support, thoughts, and prayers. The encouragement my family and I have received is incredible and I’m so humbly grateful.

Now down to business. Star Wars Weekends 2014 week 4: the most anticipated weekend of the year. Some of the biggest names in Star Wars were there. This week brought us the coolest cat in the galaxy, Mr. Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian) himself. He was joined by the great Ray Park (Darth Maul) and Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels), both who were here for their second consecutive weeks. Yet these great stars were not the main draw on the busiest and hottest weekends of the year. It was Luke Skywalker himself, the great Mark Hamill making his SWW debut!

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A Cup of Clone Wars: A Conversation with Tasia Valenza


On today’s show, we talk with Tasia Valenza, who played Shaak Ti on the Clone Wars.  Tasia talks about her experiences on the Clone Wars, what she admires about Shaak Ti, and get to hear her inspirational outlook on life.  We are honored to have a cup of coffee with this talented and versatile actress.  This is the Podcast You’re Looking For!

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Melinda’s Brew : Stepping Into A Larger World

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The lengths to which I will go for Star Wars and a blog. ;-)

I recently returned from a trip to the UK — set up a long time ago “to collect” our youngest padawan, Caitlin (you met her in a couple of previous blogs I wrote for CWK), who spent her junior year at the London School of Economics and Political Science (a mouthful for any school! No wonder the Brits shorten it to LSE.). Let’s face it … this was going to be a (much needed!) vacation, too. I never had been to England, and always wanted to go. This was the chance I had been waiting for! :-)

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Coffee With Kenobi Show # 21: The Disney/Star Wars Theme Park Connection

Coffee With Kenobi : Now with the Bearded Trio!

In today’s show we share a cup of coffee with Ricky Brigante of Inside the Magic.  Ricky will be joining us to talk about the Disney/Star Wars theme park connection, and the history behind the joining of these two popular culture juggernauts.  Our Star Wars Weekends contributor Aaron Harris stops by to share his experiences at the annual event, and we have the next offering of  “Your Espresso Shot with The Bearded Trio” with Rob Wainfur.

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