Coffee With Kenobi Show #59: Rebels Season Three, featuring Freddie Prinze Jr. (226)


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We're back! After a brief respite, Dan Z and Cory Clubb return. We celebrate Star Wars Reads Day live for the first half of the show, featuring our discussion with Zack Kalina, the owner of the official comic book shop of Coffee With Kenobi, Zeke's Comics and Games.

We return to the studio for the second half of the show, which features the return of Freddie Prinze Jr. as we discuss our topic for Show # 59, Star Wars Rebels Season Three. We also look at new info from JJ Abrams concerning Kylo Ren, Rogue One character posters, Special CWK correspondent Mike Audette shares his interview with Hasbro, CWK blogger Jason Blogger debuts a new feature where he looks at the state of Star Wars canon, and Nick DiCo returns to talk Star Wars video games. 

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In Collector News, we look at the AT-ACT previews, discuss the Rogue One merchandise checklist, a new Dr. Aphra comic book series, and share our latest collectibles. So, pull up a chair, grab your favorite coffee mug and let’s have some Coffee With Kenobi!

Show Notes


JJ Abrams on Kylo Ren's thought process during that infamous scene from The Force Awakens

Rogue One Character Posters

Collector News

AT-ACT Video Preview

Hasbro Rogue One Checklist

The New Dr. Aprha Series

Discussion Segment

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Gillette Rogue One Special Event Coverage, featuring Neal Scanlan (223)

As Gillette unveils "Every Story Has a Face", a global collaboration with Disney / Lucasfilms in celebration of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', at Pinewood Studios on October 27, 2016 in Iver Heath, England.

As Gillette unveils "Every Story Has a Face", a global collaboration with Disney / Lucasfilms in celebration of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', at Pinewood Studios on October 27, 2016 in Iver Heath, England.

Here it is; the Gillette Rogue One special event Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z. attended at the legendary Pinewood Studios, in London, England! Coffee With Kenobi chatted with Creature & Droid FX Creative Supervisor, Neal Scanlan, as well as a bevy of talented writers and creatives as we witnessed the exclusive premiere of the brand new Gillette Rogue One campaign, "Every Story Has a Face".

Here's the exciting new commercial we got to experience for the first time anywhere, in Pinewood Studios!

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Among the attendees at the Gillette Rogue One event (some featured on the show):

Brian Karasek, Zoe Verner, Rik Matthews, and Rob O’Shea  – Channel Star Wars

Nick Cannata-Bowman - Cheatsheet

Christine Flammia – Men’s Health Mag

Michael Rodio – Men’s Fitness

Stephen Schaefer – Boston Herald

Victor Macias – Male Standard

John Sullivan - @DepressedDarth

Jeff Dwoskin – Huffington Post

John Saavedra – Den of Geek

Martin Rickman - UPROXX

Bryant Jackson – COED

Henry Chu – Variety

Alex Ritman- Hollywood Reporter

Rogue One Second Trailer Analysis & Rogue Friday Coverage (218)


Join Dan Z & Cory Clubb on this special edition podcast as they breakdown the second Rogue One trailer. Have a cup of coffee with us as we look at new character revelations, the art of cinema (as shown in the trailer), and debate the merits of watching a trailer. As an added bonus,  ride along with us as we participate in Rogue Friday festivities. This is the podcast you're looking for!

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Jedi News UK Frame by Frame Breakdown of the second Rogue One trailer


Coffee With Kenobi Show #58: The Star Wars Theme Park Experience at Disneyland & Walt Disney World, featuring WDW Today (212)

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In today's show, Logan Sekulow and Will Haynes of WDW Today join us as we discuss our topic for show #58, The Star Wars Disney Theme Park Experience at Disneyland & Walt Disney World. We also talk about the new Yoda comic book, a new composer for Rogue One, and Special Correspondent Ryder Waldron gives us a look at this year's Salt Lake Comic Con.

Nick DiCo returns to look at what's going on in the world of Star Wars video games, we talk the new 1:1 scale R2-D2 from Sideshow, and reveal an exciting new opportunity for our Patreon contributors. This is the podcast you're looking for!

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Show Notes


Jason Aaron's new Yoda Comic Book Story

A New Composer for Rogue One

Check out Ryder Waldron's column on SLCC 2016

New Patreon Opportunity for Coffee With Kenobi listeners

Collector News

R2-D2 1:1 Scale from Sideshow

New Funko Smuggler's Bounty Rogue One release

Rancho Obi-Wan Gala 2016 info

Discussion Segment

Listen to Part One of the Crossover, with Dan Z

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Version 3.0 of the Star Wars Podcasts Android App Now Available!


How do you keep up with your favorite Star Wars podcasts? If you're an Android user, it's a good bet you use the Star Wars Podcasts Android App. If you already have the app, or if you're thinking of checking it out for the first time, version 3.0 is now available for download!

The Star Wars Podcast App is a great resource for staying up to date with shows you already love, such as Coffee With Kenobi, or for discovering new shows destined to become go-to listening in the future. Best of all? It's free!

Here's a list of the shows available on the app:

• The 501stCast
• HoloNet Audio Dramas
• Dark Empire Radio
• Saber Chats
• The Cantina Cast
• Idiot's Array
• The Voice of the Republic
• Skywalking Through Neverland
• Fangirls Going Rogue
• Coffee with Kenobi
• TK-421
• Aggressive Negotiations
• Jedi News Network
• Radio Free Endor
• Bombad Radio
• My Star Wars Story
• Blabba the Hutt
• Star Wars Autograph News
• Star Wars 7x7
• Bantha Fodder
• The 602 Club
• The Expanded Fandomverse
• Podcast FN2187
• Star Wars Geek Girl
• Brews & Blasters
• The GalaxyCast
• Blast Points
• Bounty Hunters Collectors Podcast
• Tarkin's Top Shelf
• Full of Sith
• Twin Suns Transmission
• Beltway Banthas
• The Kyber Kast
• There is Another Podcast
• Cloud City Casino
• The Wampa's Lair
• The Star Wars Report
• Star Wars Beyond The Films
• Ion Cannon
• Rebel Force Radio
• The Star Wars Show

You can download version 3,0 of the Star Wars Podcast App from Google Play, or you can find it at

The app is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and above (just about any Android device, except for watches), and requires a data or wi-fi connection.

Coffee With Kenobi Co-Host Dan Z is the Guest on an All-New WDW Today!


Hey Disney and Coffee With Kenobi fans, here's some cool news! CWK co-host Dan Z is the guest on the latest WDW Today - Walt Disney World Travel Podcast! It's actually part of a two-part podcast crossover, with the second half airing on a new CWK show later this week. In this new episode of WDW Today, Dan joins co-hosts Logan and Will to discuss the latest Star Wars offerings at Disney World and Disneyland, and the saga's future at both parks.

You can listen to this episode of WDW Today here.

Be sure to tune in to the latest CWK later this week for a continuation of the conversation.

Share The Force! Behind the Scenes of the Target Rogue One Commercial, featuring Dan Z (209)

Dan Z Target Commercial Shot

The Target Rogue One commercial has premiered, and features Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z., as well as some incredible Star Wars fans who celebrate their fandom in unique ways! Dan Z. has a cup of coffee with the cast of the #ShareTheForce  commercial as they share a behind the scenes look at the making of this epic #ad and experience. This is the commercial and podcast you're looking for!

Click the link below to see the commercial! and hear the behind the scenes podcast!

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Marvel Honors Jack “The King” Kirby with a Week Long Celebration!



New York, NY—August 23rd, 2016— He’s the King of Comics! A man who left an indelible mark upon the medium, using his peerless imagination to create some of the greatest stories and characters ever told. All this week, join for a celebration devoted to all things Kirby with Marvel’s KIRBY WEEK.

Jack “The King” Kirby is one of the founding fathers of the Marvel Universe and from August 22nd to the 28th--what would have been Kirby’s 99th birthday--Marvel will pay homage to the incredible and iconic contributions Kirby has made to the House of Ideas, entertainment, and pop-culture.

During KIRBY WEEK fans will get to explore how Jack Kirby brought his creative genius to the Marvel Universe through several articles devoted to “The King” himself. Check out the first in-depth article devoted to the origins of one of Jack’s most monstrous creations - The Incredible Hulk. will also be releasing several podcasts speaking with Neal Kirby, as well as comic book historian, Peter Sanderson, for exclusive interviews on how Jack Kirby has influenced some of the most iconic creative voices and talent of today. Additionally, will also be sharing some of the most iconic moments from Jack Kirby’s historic catalogue of Marvel milestones all week long.

Whether it was westerns, romance, war, horror, sci-fi, humor or Super Heroes – Jack Kirby could do it all through genre-defining stories, and charted a decade-spanning course for graphic fiction as a whole. Use #KirbyWeek on social media and share your favorite Jack Kirby stories, moments, art, and characters.

So join us this week for your chance to honor one of the masterminds behind the Marvel Universe through’s KIRBY WEEK. Hail to the King!

CWK’s Dan Z Talks to Honor The Force About Star Wars, Podcasting, and More!


Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z was recently interviewed by Thomas Loftin from Honor The Force. Dan talks about his first exposure to Star Wars, his writing gig for, and all about CWK!

You can read the interview with Dan over at

Coffee With Kenobi Show # 57: Bloodline and Life Debt, featuring James Floyd (205)

CoffeeWithKenobi_NEW_2014_LOGO standard

In today’s show, James Floyd joins us as we discuss our topic for Show # 57, Bloodline and Life Debt. We also look at the Rogue One trailer in detail and learn about the premiere of Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels. SDCC Special Correspondents Mike Audette and Mediocre Jedi brief us on their experiences at the annual event, and Mike also shares his interview with Chuck Wendig.  Nick DiCo returns to once again share his thoughts on Star Wars video games.

In Collector News, we discuss the upcoming Rancho Obi-Wan Gala, and talk about unique collectibles we've found on our shopping adventures. This is the podcast you're looking for!

Listen to the Show here!

Show Notes


Rogue One Trailer

Season Three of Rebels Premieres

Collector News

Rancho Obi-Wan Annual Gala

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Discussion Segment

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Check out James' articles for

Support Wear Star Wars Every Day 2016

Read Dan Z's Review of Life Debt here

Read Dan Z's Review of Bloodline here