Star Wars Fans can Relive The Force Awakens’ Epic Last Scene with a TripAdvisor Tour

Are you a Star Wars fan looking to walk in the shoes of a Jedi? Then look no further because TripAdvisor, the world’s largest online provider of attractions, is now offering an exclusive new “Star Wars and Ring of Kerry Day Tour” out of Killarney, Ireland. This epic two-day tour explores the Ring of Kerry, Valentia Island and the breath-taking Skellig Islands that fans will recognize from the iconic final scene of “The Force Awakens,” as well as “The Last Jedi.” The tour features behind-the-scenes Star Wars stories and a visit to the film’s pre-production room.

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All New Star Wars Day at Sea Experiences Revealed

From Disney Parks Blog:

Brand new experiences featuring the Dark Side, the Resistance, the droids and more are coming to the Disney Fantasy when Star Wars Day at Sea returns on 15 special sailings this January through April. Check out some of the new out-of-this-galaxy experiences that are setting sail:

The Dark Side

  • To kick off Star Wars Day at Sea celebrations, in a one-time experience the night before the event, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers will march into the ship’s atrium for an Imperial takeover.
  • Kylo Ren will appear in “Jedi Training Academy,” where young Jedi-in-training summon their courage and the Force to face off against Darth Vader and Kylo Ren.

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Take 25% Off Your Order at Po-Zu in Honor of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

The world is celebrating the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi this week, and Po-Zu Footwear is no exception. Now through Sunday, December 17 (midnight UK time), take 25% off your order using discount code TLJ25! 

Start shopping at Po-Zu now!

(Pre-orders excluded from this offer.)

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Darth Vader #9

This review of Star Wars: Darth Vader #9 contains minor spoilers.

Jocasta Nu is brains and brawn.

Oh, and guns?

Jedi have them and Jocasta uses her with the greatest of efficacy and ease.

That’s just the beginning of what writer Charles Soule and artistic team Guiseppe Camuncoli (pencils), Daniele Orlandini (inks), David Curiel (colors) and VC’s Joe Caramagna (letters) have wrought with a tale that is nonstop action even as it offers more detail about the Jedi Order and Nu’s importance to not just it, but Emperor Palpatine, his Empire and the Sith, too.

This arc, part III of “The Dying Light,” is a riveting story, focusing with precision as it does on Nu and the Grand Inquisitor, a fallen Jedi who has harbored a grudge against her over her refusal to share with him deeper Jedi knowledge and lore. Nu makes it clear it wasn’t personal. In her role she had to guard both unready Jedi — masters, knights and padawans — from learning too much and knowing too little.

It’s that knowledge that makes her so valuable to Palpatine and to Vader, but not to the Grand Inquisitor who, despite not being Sith, is consumed by Sith-like desire to punish the one — he believes — denied him the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

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Check Out the Star Wars Collection from Angel Jackets

Sure, it’s getting cool outside. Winter is almost here! If you’d like something to help keep you warm, but would also like to show off your fandom, be sure to check out the Star Wars collection available now at Angel Jackets. The entire jacket collection is also perfect for cosplay! Dress like your favorite heroes — Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Finn, Poe Dameron, Jyn Erso, or Cassian Andor! Special deals are also available in the lead-up to Christmas, so if you need that one perfect gift, you’re in luck!

Here’s a selection of the jackets below:

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‘Jedi Mania’ Hits the UK  ahead of the launch off ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’


 ‘Jedi Mania’ Hits the UK  ahead of the launch off Star Wars: The Last Jedi

• Lightsaber duels staged in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham
• Londoners delighted by Jedi duel in London skate park and on the South Bank
• Instagram sensation Matt Scutt teams creates stunning lightsaber photography series
• Lightsaber combat is a growing, fun sport for children and adults

Two martial arts experts surprised and delighted Londoners with a spectacular lightsaber duel as ‘Jedi fever’ hit the UK ahead of the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Thursday.

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The Last Jedi Review

NOTE: While this is a review of The Last Jedi, it does not contain any spoilers regarding plot or characters. However, the tone and atmosphere are discussed at length. If you wish to remain 100% spoiler-free, feel free to come back and read this review after you have seen the film.

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Prepping for ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Our patience has paid off. It’s been two long years since we left Rey and Luke standing on the cliffs of Ahch-To and now we’re just days — mere hours, really — away from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Like any dedicated Padawan learner, the months leading up any new Star Wars film have posed a challenge. Fandom in the age of the internet is a delicate balance between absorbing as much information as possible and trying to ensure that the first viewing experience is still full of magic, wonder, and surprises. Learning about the world we’re about to dive into while avoiding any major spoilers can feel a bit like navigating an asteroid field.

Here’s how I’ve tried to get ready while remaining vigilant:

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Comics With Kenobi #38

It’s an extra-special special episode as we sit down with Alex Ray and Jim Mello, co-creators of the wildly popular and strikingly imaginative A Star Wars Comic to mark the completion of a year’s worth of stories and tales from a galaxy far, far away in our respective head canon.

For us, it’s been a shared road, given our love for Star Wars comics. It was in January 2017 that we spoke with them ahead of the first comic and having Jim and Alex’s effort has been exceedingly satisfying month in and month out.

They’ve taken us — and you — from one end of the Star Wars galaxy to another, introducing new characters alongside with old favorites.

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Star Wars Flash Sale — Save $100.00 OFF the Special Forces TIE Pilot Helmet from Anovos! Today Only!

Here’s another special deal from Anovos!

TODAY ONLY! Save $100.00 USD off the IN STOCK AND SHIPPINGStar Wars: The Force Awakens Special Forces TIE Fighter Pilot Wearable Helmet using discount code* SFTIE100— shop now!

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