Audiobook Review: Rogue One by Alexander Freed, Read by Jonathan Davis

After much anticipation and patience we have finally been given the back story for the Death Star, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! At the same time the movie was released the novel and audiobook were put on the market for our enjoyment. For an old-school EU/Legends guy like myself there is something comforting and reassuring about the fact that narrators like Marc Thompson, and in this case Jonathan Davis, have been retained as readers of Star Wars novels. Davis uses his powerful pros reading voice, and vast collection of character voices to bring this amazing story even more to life.

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Audiobook Review: Catalyst by James Luceno, read by Jonathan Davis


I have been co-hosting the Legends Library Podcast on the Coffee With Kenobi Network for two years now. The Legends timeline is completely immersive for me, but each time a new canon book is released it gives me the opportunity to swim to the surface, pop my head up and see what adventures our heroes both new and old are experiencing. This week I did just that, as I basically consumed the newest release from the Star Wars story group and Del Rey, Catalyst.

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