Book Review: Aftermath: Empire’s End

Chuck Wendig’s final entry in the Aftermath trilogy, Aftermath: Empire’s End has been released, and completes the adventures of Norra Wexley and her mismatched group of miscreants. The reader journeys with Norra Wexley and bounty hunter Jas Emari in their pursuit of Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, but that is only one focal point of the narrative. We also follow Temin (“Snap”) Wexley, his wonderfully terrifying droid, Mr. Bones, and recovering Imperial Loyalty Officer, Sinjir Rath Velus as they desperately try to convince the New Republic that they must journey to Jakku (no spoilers here; once you read the book, you will understand why) for a number of reasons that are critical, both personally, as well as on a galactic scale. While it does not reach the staggering heights of Life DebtEmpire’s End is a worthy bookend to the Aftermath trilogy.

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Check Out the Latest Comic Book Galaxy from CWK’s Dan Z.!


While there were no new Star Wars releases from Marvel this week, you can still get your fix with the latest Comic Book Galaxy from Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z. This week, Dan looks back at Star Wars #24 and Poe Dameron #7, and takes a closer look at Darth Vader #25, the final issue in that series.

Check out a brief excerpt below:

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The Latest Comic Book Galaxy by CWK’s Dan Z is Here!


Okay, comic book fans, this one’s for you — an all-new Comic Book Galaxy, written by Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z. for the! This ongoing feature takes a closer look at the current Star Wars comic book releases from Marvel. This week, Dan looks at standout moments from Star Wars #24 and Poe Dameron #7.

Check out an excerpt below:

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Book Review: Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual History, Updated Edition

Star Wars Year by Year A Visual History

Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual History, Updated Edition by Daniel Wallace and Pablo Hidalgo is a revised edition of the original visual history (originally published in October of 2012). Naturally, additional entries have been crafted to reflect what has transpired in the Star Wars universe since 2012, with additional emphasis on The Force AwakensStar Wars Rebels, etc. Approximately 60 pages have been added since the original, and like its predecessor, is an absolute Star Wars fan’s dream come true.

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Book Review: Aftermath: Life Debt

Life Debt

Aftermath: Life Debt is the second novel in Chuck Wendig’s post Return of the Jedi trilogy, which continues the story of what happened to the galaxy once the second Death Star was destroyed by Lando Calrissian and the Rebel Alliance. As with the first novel, Aftermath, Life Debt follows the exploits of Norra Wexley and her assortment of characters from every walk of life in Star Wars. While I enjoyed Aftermath, it certainly was a departure from the usual Star Wars lore, with legitimately gritty characters and a truly lived in, raw universe that bordered on nihilism. Life Debt does something wondrous, in that it takes those stakes and original characters and evolves them into a group you not only care about, but learn to love. In a well-established lore, Life Debt adds emotional depth and dimension to the Star Wars universe that is equal parts mature and deliciously entertaining.

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Book Review: Star Wars ABC-3PO Alphabet Book

ABC-3PO Alphabet Book

As if Star Wars couldn’t get more clever, Disney Lucasfilm Press has released Star Wars ABC-3PO Alphabet Book, by Calliope Glass and Caitlin Kennedy, with illustrations by Katie Cook, and it is beyond charming. The forty-eight page book is geared towards children ages 4-8, and is an absolute delight to share with your children. You cannot help but smile with every entry, as the book has a lyrical poetic style perfectly complimented by the art. If you want your children to love learning the alphabet, and have fun along the way, the Star Wars ABC-3PO Alphabet Book is absolutely the way to go.

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Book Review: Bloodline


Claudia Gray brings her gifted pen back to the Star Wars universe with the much-anticipated book, Bloodline. The Princess Leia centered novel focuses on her role as a significant and powerful senator in the New Republic, and takes place years before The Force Awakens. Bloodline manages to do something exquisite and rare: it exceeds the anticipatory nature of the genre and truly enhances the Star Wars canon. It operates on a sublime level of pacing, intensity, and suspense that will leave you eager to discover more. Expertly crafted, beautifully written, and full of dramatic tension, Bloodline is the book we’ve been waiting for.

Very Minor Spoilers follow below … you may wish to read Bloodline before proceeding.

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Book Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens: Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away Volume I- Aliens

Tales From A Galaxy Far Far Away Volume I Aliens

The new collection of short stories from Disney Lucasfilm Press, Star Wars The Force AwakensTales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away Volume I: Aliensis the work of author Landry Q. Walker, and provides some colorful insights into some of the inhabitants of Jakku, as well as Maz Kanata’s castle. There are six stories in all, with each one presenting a different genre; each individual story is crafted to fit the tone of the specific genre subset, and each is a delightful example of storytelling at its finest. From the old west, to a murder mystery, to a thrilling pirate adventure, and so on, Star Wars The Force AwakensTales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away Volume I: Aliens is an entertainment tour de force that will provide hours of enjoyment for fans of storytelling.

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Book Review: Star Wars The Original Trilogy A Graphic Novel

Star Wars Original Trilogy Graphic Novel

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy A Graphic Novel is the newest comic adaptation from Disney Lucasfilm Press; it is the latest evidence that Disney gets it. The work is proof-positive that Disney cares about the Star Wars brand by continually reinvigorating our beloved mythology in new and refreshing ways. The art is crisp, and has a style that features a manga-hybrid quality, but contains a spirit evoking the classic original Marvel adaptions. It is aimed at ages 8-12, but is suitable for all ages, and, as promised on the back cover, allows the reader to experience the saga in a way you never have before.

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Book Review: Rey’s Story

Rey's Story

In the new children’s book, Rey’s Story, by Elizabeth Schaefer, the story of The Force Awakens is told strictly from Rey’s point of view, and does so succinctly, with new details into who she is. As one might expect, it is told from the first person point of view, and is aimed primarily at grade levels first through third. However, the book is written in such a fashion that any Star Wars fan can feel engaged, which makes for an even better read. Rey’s Story is an engaging experience which adds some nuance to the The Force Awakens, and can be enjoyed whether you are a precocious Star Wars fan, or an avid adult reader.

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