Cory Clubb’s Review of Marvel’s Star Wars #1

MAJOR SPOILERS! Go get Star Wars #1, read it, and then return! Do you smell that? Ahhhh…new comics. It’s Wednesday folks and that smell never gets old. Even after 23 years of visiting my local comic shop I still get Read more

Rebels Junior Novelization Book Reviews

It’s no surprise that with new Star Wars comes new merchandising. Star Wars is known to reach out in various ways to engage all fans at any age with all kinds of toys, licensing, video games, apps, and books to Read more

Cory Clubb’s Spoiler Free Review of Kenobi by John Jackson Miller

I’ve read my fair share of EU novels over the course of my years of fandom and have felt different about each one ranging from lukewarm to captivating. Notably, Darth Plageuis being one that has stuck with me for quite some time. I bring that up considering John Jackson Miller’s hotly anticipated Kenobi had much to live up to in my opinion.