The Sons Behind the Masks

Two weekends ago, my son donned a mask and long black cape and terrorized the inhabitants of his domain. He did this without remorse, without regret, attacking and killing those who threatened him, who threatened what he wanted and believed Read more

Rebel or Fail? My Star Wars Fandom

So what do you do when your Star Wars fandom is in a lull? Let me start by saying I will always, always be a huge Star Wars fan. Always. Nothing will ever change that. Embracing my love for this Read more

Star Wars, Deadpool, and More!

There is much on my mind as the burgeoning spoils of spring emerge. I’m restless, antsy, ready for change. Full of new hope. Here in Western Pennsylvania, USA, the change of seasons can be dramatic, but even years like this Read more

The Force Awakens: The Little Things

You know the saying: “It’s the little things.” It’s difficult to imagine anything “little” about a saga as colossal as Star Wars, but it is truly the non-monumental moments that made me fall in love with Star Wars so many Read more

The Force Awakens Changes Everything

Yes! There will be spoilers! You have been warned! Unlike so many Star Wars fans of a certain age, old enough to have seen the first film in its initial run in 1977, I wasn’t disappointed in the prequel trilogy. Read more

Death and Star Wars

Is it wrong to look to Star Wars for solace in the face of a dear friend’s real life pain? I can’t help it. I always do.

There’s No Place Like Home

I just returned from a trip to another system. A cross between murky, moist Dagobah, lush and green Naboo, and a quaint, cobblestoned yet modern and vibrant metropolis unlike any I’ve seen in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, Ireland captured Read more

Chaos Theory of Star Wars and Life

As the new Jurassic Park movie thunders into theatres, Dr. Ian Malcolm’s (Jeff Goldblum) chaos theory discussion from the first film comes to mind. It fascinates me that chaos can be defined by something as simple as a droplet of Read more

Why Rebels Makes Me Happy (Or The Philosophy of Religion in Star Wars)

I tend to be a Star Wars film purist. Although I have loved the few Expanded Universe novels I’ve read, my knowledge of what exists beyond the films is limited and doesn’t reach far beyond my reading. I saw Star Read more