Melinda’s Brew: Family Affair

Two weeks to the day after seeing it ourselves, my husband, Tom, and I finally got to see “Rogue One” with our two daughters who came home for the holidays. Neither one of them had seen the newest chapter in Read more

Melinda’s Brew: My Ticket-Buying Saga

Do you remember the thrill you got when word came down the pike that tickets for each of the Star Wars Prequels were going on sale? Admittedly, that sense of excitement probably was a lot like – or the same Read more

Melinda’s Brew: Oh, For A Holocron…

Think back. [Maybe you don’t have to think back too far. lol] Remember when you were little [or not so little], and your birthday, Christmas or another gift-giving holiday was drawing nigh, and the anticipation of what present[s] you might Read more

Melinda’s Brew: Finn – A Stormtrooper With Heart

I am well aware that each of us has our individual list of favorite characters from the Star Wars Galaxy. We might like the same character for the same reasons – or even for vastly different reasons. Some of the Read more

Melinda’s Brew: It’s A Tie!

Poor Obi-Wan. [Come to think of it, that’s not a very good adjective to affix to one of the Greatest Jedi who ever lived.] He gets such a bum rap from certain segments of the “Star Wars” fan base. He Read more

Melinda’s Brew: A Geonosis Gladiator Am I

There we stood: Two gladiators mustering all the bravado we could. He, ruby red and black — a steely look in his beady eyes; me, in a flaming shirt I hoped would accentuate the fiery darts shooting from my hard-set Read more

Melinda’s Brew: My Own Star Wars Quest (2)

Welcome Back! Thanks for coming back for Round 2 of my favorite memories from my quest to see The Force Awakens at least 13 times in the theater [a feat I surpassed, as luck* would have it. *What would Obi-Wan Read more