Force And Faith: Jyn and the Woman of Hope

The joy of being a Star Wars fan knows no bounds.  To be treated to the latest epic adventure just days before the celebration of Christmas is like an embarrassment of riches!  Let’s take a short spoiler-free look at Rogue Read more

Force and Faith: Forgiving is the Way of the Light Side

Some might say that it has been a rough couple of weeks for us here in the United States.  Others will be happy because a contentious season has passed.  Still others may be indifferent to the imposed emotional frenzy.  No Read more

Force and Faith: Can Jedi Be A Religion?

How do you identify yourself?  When you meet someone new, what facets of your life do you mention first as an introduction?  For some, it is relationships, children, employment, favorite Star Wars movie, hat size.  Whatever.  One thing we are Read more

Force and Faith: My D’Qar D’iet

Almost a year ago, I was at a convention and had to have my picture taken for a directory, which I resisted for 6 years.  It could be put off no longer.  A few of my buddies and I got Read more

Force and Faith: Boshek Returns from the Far Off Land

I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind, but now I see… ‘Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, And grace will lead me home. – Amazing Grace Did you ever lose something of dear importance?  Car Read more

Force and Faith: The Power of Silence – an Easter Reflection

Over the last few weeks, I have been a little sick. For me, that means that I will lose my voice. The smokey tones of Marge Simpson will emerge for a while, giving way to the honk of an imprisoned Read more

Force and Faith: What Lies Beneath the Masks

Perhaps it was Billy Joel or Kierkegaard who once said:  “We share so many secrets, there are some we never tell.  Why were you so surprised that you never saw the stranger?  Did you ever let your lover see the Read more

Force and Faith: Growing with the Saga, Childhood Intact

Like many of you, on Thursday I went with my two boys to the theater. What a glorious evening! I was too young to see A New Hope in 1977, but I have vivid memories of seeing Return of the Read more

Star Wars Art Launches in NYC

The reach of the Galaxy far, far away into our own world is very deep. From soup cans to luxury cars, the images are everywhere. But thankfully, Wired Magazine is keeping the art and soul of Star Wars alive by Read more

Force and Faith: Jedi Lessons from Skellig Michael

The last time we saw our Jedi Master, he was in triumphant celebration of the destruction of Death Star II. He was also in mourning for his newly-reclaimed father. His journey as a Jedi and as a man was headed Read more