Council of Fools – A Guest Blog by Imani Caradonna

Council of Fools
A Guest Blog by Imani Caradonna

Obi-Wan Kenobi: “I have failed you Anakin. I have failed you.” ~Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

For years we have been made aware of the dynamic and complex nature of the Jedi and the Sith. It’s not difficult to see flaws in the purity of the Jedi and the humanity in the darkness of the Sith. For Anakin Skywalker, this hazy cross-section of morality is where he found himself. There, juxtaposed between two force-wielding sects, he encountered his frailty. In Episode III, his master, Obi-Wan, admits that he failed his vexed padawan. However, the blame was not Obi-Wan’s alone. The Jedi council in its entirety had gone astray and led Anakin down the dark path while making a weak attempt to prevent its collapse. As difficult as it seems, the council could not protect Anakin from himself. Instead, they fueled their own destruction with hypocrisy and a lack of integrity.

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Coffee With Kenobi’s Dan Z Guests On The Sandcrawler

sandcrawler podcast

Coffee With Kenobi’s Dan Zehr was kind enough to appear on my Star Wars collecting podcast, The Sandcrawler this week to offer tips and advice if you’re heading to Star Wars Celebration Orlando in April. Read more

Stealing the Death Star Plans, According to Legends — A Guest Blog by Jeremiah Stewart

Rogue One is out as of December 16; the first spin-off in the Star Wars franchise or “Star Wars Story” as they are being titled. The film is about the rag-tag group of Rebels capturing the plans of the first Death Star (not the 2nd, so no Bothan nonsense). But what did we know about this story before? True, this is a story that itself has never been depicted in any film or TV show. In fact, in current canon, all we know is what the opening scroll of Episode 4 – A New Hope says:

It is a period of civil war.
Rebel spaceships, striking
from a hidden base, have won
their first victory against
the evil Galactic Empire.

During the battle, Rebel
spies managed to steal secret
plans to the Empire’s
ultimate weapon, the DEATH
STAR, an armored space
station with enough power
to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire’s
sinister agents, Princess
Leia races home aboard her
starship, custodian of the
stolen plans that can save her
people and restore
freedom to the galaxy….

So here is what we knew before, according to Legends.

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5 Star Wars Novels That Had More Impact Than You Think — A Guest Blog by Cassie Phillips


5 Star Wars Novels That Had More Impact Than You Think — A Guest Blog by Cassie Phillips

After Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, many fans hoped they would touch upon characters and plots from the Expanded Universe (EU). Disney, however, wanted to create an original story and script, something that would be difficult as the original EU covered a century after the events of The Return of the Jedi. Eventually, Disney placed all of these novels into a separate category—Legends—to make way for their own expanded universe. With that said, Disney isn’t completely turning away from Legends. In fact they’ve reintroduced some fan favorites like Thrawn back into the universe.

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The Outer Rim of Dixie — A Guest Blog by Stephen Kent

This past week I spent two days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana helping with flood relief in thetheouterrim Livingston Parish. My time there was memorable, not only because of the wonderful people I met and impactful work I participated in, but also because I have never been into the “Deep South” before. The people in the parish I was working in had lost everything. Their lives laid in heaps on front lawns surrounded by insulation and molding drywall. So I in no way want to disparage this community and those surrounding it, but I left Louisiana with the distinct impression that this was a region of the country frozen in time decades ago. The airport of New Orleans, a city of 380,000 people, felt more like a small town train station. The bayou was littered with shrimping boats covered in moss and vines, rust caked the railing of the vessels and in my entire time there I didn’t see a human on board any of them. Rebel flags could be found flying in any neighborhood, Make America Great Again stickers were everywhere and as far as the stickers go…I couldn’t really blame them. This place has been left behind.

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Loyalty and Duty: The Bond Between a Scoundrel and a Princess — A Guest Blog by Mike DeRose


Loyalty and Duty: The Bond Between a Scoundrel and a Princess — A Guest Blog by Mike DeRose

Leia Organa and Han Solo should not work as a couple. Leia, the senator princess turned rebel who fights for the greater good and Han, the scoundrel smuggler who only cares about getting paid. Despite their differences it’s easy to see why they were drawn to each other. Leia had spent her entire life in politics surrounded by proper men or, let’s face it, probably just boring men. So when a rogue like Han comes along Leia would naturally be intrigued. But Han’s original interest in Leia was pretty straightforward. The princess was worth a pretty big reward.

I can’t imagine that if you are reading this you haven’t seen the films, so I’ll avoid recapping and give you one defining quote that sums up their relationship perfectly:

“I love you.”
“I know.”

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Star Wars Moves Forward by Looking Back-A Guest Blog


Star Wars Moves Forward by Looking Back

–by Dan Roth

As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story debuted during an Olympics broadcast, and naturally it set the Internet buzzing. It’s a decent first look, showing us a chunk of Felicity Jones’s work as Jyn Erso without revealing too much about plot specifics or character relations. But while it ultimately amounted to a fairly generic spattering of Star Wars imagery and dramatic one-liners, the trailer hit one heck of a crescendo at the end. Darth Vader reappeared, getting in half a breath (all ho-, no -bur) before the scene cut out.

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The Conflict Within: Loving and Hating Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In the seven months since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens I haven’t written anything about it except for a short article on my first impressions of my favourite characters from the film. Which is kind of strange since my favourite movie from 2015 was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What an amazing film! It’s a movie that made me proud to be a Star Wars fan, brought my son back to Star Wars, my wife has proclaimed it her favourite Star Wars film and my daughter is proud of the fact that 21 years ago we chose Rae as her middle name, spelling not withstanding. I am incredibly excited for the exploits of Rey and Finn to continue in Episode VIII but I should probably mention now that the worst movie I saw in 2015 was also Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a movie that has made me think that perhaps the story of Luke, Han and Leia didn’t need to continue after Return of the Jedi. At least not in the way that we saw last December.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.37.41 AM

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The things one hears standing in a queue at Star Wars Celebration at 4:30 a.m…

“We’ll definitely get a teaser like they first had for The Force Awakens. You know, flashes of images that don’t give away the story”

“They’re going to announce the title of Episode VIII.”

“Daisy (Ridley) will be here since she lives in London.”

“Everyone on the t-shirt from Rogue One showed up, so everyone on the shirt from The Force Awakens should be here, too.”


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Star Wars Celebration Europe: Day Two — A Guest Blog by Walt Fishon

CELEBRATION EUROPE: DAY TWO —  A Guest Blog by Walt Fishon

He is Mitth’raw’nuruodo, more commonly known as Thrawn. The individual behind the
thrawn blue face paint in the photo above remains a mystery, but he had one helluva day at Celebration Saturday.

When the day began, he was a character excised from the canon, leading a person walking by him  to ask, “How does it feel to know you don’t exist?” After the Rebels panel, he found himself posing for photo after photo, even one with Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley, hosts of The Star Wars Show (check out Guitierrez’ Twitter for the photo).

By the end of the day, when asked if it was ok to take a photo, he apologized for his fading makeup. “It’s been quite a day!” he said.

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