Yoda and the March of Time

Yoda with Light Saber, The March of Time

“When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.” Yoda admonished Luke with that line in a moment of defiance to his age in Return of the Jedi. The venerable Jedi Master was nearing the end Read more

Count Dooku Revealed

Everyone knows that Count Dooku is a Sith Lord. The Clone Wars made that very apparent. However, do you remember the first time you were introduced to the Count? For many fans such as myself, Attack of the Clones introduced Read more

The First Jedi Master of Star Wars

I remember the promise of Episode One as it neared release. Not only would The Phantom Menace be the first new Star Wars movie in sixteen years, it would tell the story of a previous generation of heroes. Set in Read more

My Ambivalence to Thrawn in Rebels

Some of the biggest news coming out of Celebration Europe concerned Rebels. Dave Filoni, Tiya Sicar, and Sam Witwer took the stage at Celebration to discuss many of the developments for the upcoming season of the Disney XD show. Sabine, Read more

Lor San Tekka and the Balance of the Force

I’ve seen a lot written and I’ve heard a lot said about Lor San Tekka lately. The leader of the Church of the Force seems to have captured the imaginations of Star Wars fans. I recently watched The Force Awakens Read more

Loyalty: The Underrated Theme of Star Wars

As part of their five questions for new guests to Coffee with Kenobi, Dan and Cory ask their guests “what themes or messages from Star Wars resonate with you?” I’ve always been intrigued by the answers that guests have given. Read more

Obi-Wan’s Decision to Train the Chosen One

Nearly seventeen years ago, Star Wars fans learned how Anakin Skywalker came to be the apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi with the release of The Phantom Menace. The story was a little different from what Old Ben would tell Luke Skywalker Read more

Did C-3PO’s Memory Really Need to Be Erased?

A long time ago, when I was a small child in a small town, my father took me to see Star Wars shortly after it had opened in theaters across the country. As my father likes to tell it, I Read more