Coffee and The Clone Wars 6: “Ambush” (1:1)

Yoda Ambush

The sixth episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in canonical order is “Ambush” from Season 1, Episode 1 (1:1). This is the first ever episode of the series to air on television, and is an outstanding debut. The showcase here is Yoda, and what a show it is. His wisdom and Jedi skills are on full display here; in fact, it could be argued that this is the best Yoda-centric episode of the series until Season Six. “Ambush” does not disappoint.

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Coffee and The Clone Wars 5: “Supply Lines” (3:3)

Jedi Master Di

The fifth episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in canonical order is “Supply Lines” from Season 3, Episode 3 (3:3). Technically, it’s considered the prequel to “Ambush”, as well as the Ryloth trilogy from the end of the first season. It’s a politically fueled episode, with a blockade as the MacGuffin, which brings Bail Organa, Jar Jar Binks, Cham Syndulla, and a slew of new characters into the mix. Sacrifice, loyalty, and deception play important roles here, and while it’s not one of my favorite episodes, it’s not without merit. Of immediate significance, this is the first episode of the series where we see the death of a Jedi; it is a haunting harbinger of Order 66.

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Coffee and The Clone Wars 4: “Clone Cadets” (3:1)

Domino Squad

The fourth episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in canonical order is “Clone Cadets” from Season 3, Episode 1 (3:1). It is considered the prequel to “Rookies” (1:5) from Season 1, and introduces audiences to the Domino Squad. “Clone Cadets” also explains how each clone received his nickname, as the audience is transported to Kamino and is privy to witness a crucial aspect of clone training. If a clone graduates, they go from being a cadet to a trooper. It is made clear that while most clones pass their final test, there are no guarantees, and that some do fail. Failure, in relation to Domino Squad, means being transferred to maintenance duty, a seemingly inferior place in the clone army.

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Coffee and The Clone Wars 3: The Theatrical Release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Clone Wars Theatrical Release

The third story in canonical order of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the 2008 theatrical release. While the film has its detractors, and is far from perfect, it does benefit from some poignant moments that affect the entire Star Wars saga as a whole. It’s longer than a normal episode (weighing in at 98 minutes), as it combines four episodes of the series: “The New Padawan”, “Castle of Deception”, “Castle of Doom”, and “Castle of Salvation”. It does complete the storyline regarding Christophsis, and introduces Ashoka Tano, one of the most impactful and influential characters in Star Wars canon.

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Coffee and The Clone Wars 2: “The Hidden Enemy” (1:16)

The Hidden Enemy Clones

The second episode of Star WarsThe Clone Wars in  canonical order, is “The Hidden Enemy” from Season 1, Episode 16 (1:16). According to “The Hidden Enemy” episode guide, this episode is the prequel to the feature film of Star WarsThe Clone Wars, and I can see why, after viewing the episodes in this fashion. I  must admit, I’m only two in, but the anthology nature of this series is quite brilliant; these episodes build upon one another much more strongly than I originally suspected. I knew Dave Filoni was clever, but now I’m even more impressed.

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Coffee and The Clone Wars 1: “Cat and Mouse” (2:16)

Cat and Mouse Anakin

Here we go! Time to start from the very beginning of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with the episode “Cat And Mouse”, Season 2, Episode 16 (2:16). Chronologically, this is the first episode of the entire series (which may seem counterintuitive, but should be interesting to see how it all pieces together). The animation is gorgeous and epic in scope, which was cool to see, as my mind’s eye did not recall how majestic the visuals of this series appeared early on.

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Coffee and The Clone Wars: Breaking Down the Entire Series One Episode at a Time!

anakin ahsoka clone wars movie

I’ve been wanting to re-watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a long time, and after seeing Matt Martin’s decision to re-watch the series:

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