IDW Star Wars Comics January Solicits

Rose and Paige! Ahsoka and Padme! Rey! Leia! Forces of Destiny makes its debut in January, with a host of authors from Delilah S. Dawson to Beth Revis and so many more.

Read on to find out more about January’s IDW Star Wars comics, including creative teams and more.
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Marvel Star Wars Comics January Solicits


January’s Star Wars comics offer a peek into the life of Star Wars: The Last Jedi character DJ, the mystery man played by Benicio Del Toro.

There’s a conclusion, too, in the showdown between Darth Vader and Jocasta Nu.

While in not one, but two, issues of Star Wars, the ashes of Jedha are stoked as the fire burns within Luke Skywalker.

Doctor Aphra finds herself neck deep in trouble, again, as a familiar face may lend a helping hand or, perhaps, a swift kick.

While in the pages of Poe Dameron, Gen. Leia Organa and Black Squadron find themselves stymied in their crucial search for Lor San Tekka on a covert and dangerous mission to Cato Neimoidia.

Read on to find out more about January’s six Marvel Star Wars comics, including creative teams and more.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Doctor Aphra #13

This review of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #13 contains minor spoilers.

There’s something oddly satisfying about a good ending.

Doctor Aphra #13 is all of those: Odd, satisfying and good.

So it should be, given the final episode in the five-part arc “The Enormous Profit.”

The book ends on a high note for Dr. Chelli Aphra, a decidedly low point for Yonak, a vengeful mark for Black Krrsantan, a vastly superior arrangement for Triple 0 and BT-1 and an ominous one for Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

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Comics With Kenobi #35.1: Young Padawans Edition

You wondered, aloud even: “Where’s the discussion about IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures?”

It’s right here!

We were intrigued when IDW, in announcing the new series earlier this year, noted that its stories were aimed at younglings and younglings at heart. After two issues, it’s obvious there’s no better way to explain the delightfully scripted and superbly illustrated stories.

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IDW Star Wars Comics Preview: Star Wars Adventures #3

We’ve got a preview of Oct. 11’s Star Wars Adventures #3.

The lead story which focuses on Finn from Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Landry Walker and Eric Jones, who helmed the popular DC Comics title Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade! It is lettered by Tom B. Long.

The backup feature, Tales from Wild Space, is co-written by actor Alan Tudyk and Shannon Eric Denton.

It features Cassian Endor and K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It was illustrated by Arianna Florean, colored by Monica Kubina and lettered by Christa Miesner and Tom B. Long.

To see the pages, click below.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Darth Vader #6

This review of Star Wars: Darth Vader #6 contains minor spoilers.

Pity poor Darth Vader, still a victim to the poor choices he made and pupil to a mentor who’d just as soon kill him as maliciously smile at him.

On second thought, spare no pity for poor Darth Vader.

He’s in a purgatory of his own volition, a hell in a machine shell that his lack of foresight and inability to keep emotion at bay has wrought.

Such is the predicament that writer Charles Soule, penciller Giuseppe Camuncoli, inker Cam Smith, colorist David Curiel and letter VC’s Joe Caramagna have placed the Jedi formerly known as Anakin in and there’s no hope he’ll ever get out of it.

Which is good, just even, given the concluding chapter of “The Chosen One” has Darth Vader triumphant and then subservient despite having completed his task of acquiring the weapon of a Sith.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Captain Phasma #3

This review of Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi — Captain Phasma #3 contains minor spoilers.

If ever there was any doubt as to Captain Phasma’s lack of self doubt, let the penultimate issue of this mini series stand as the crucible of her iron will.

Captain Phasma is brutal, conniving and utterly devoid of sentimentality and the lengths to which she’ll go to ensure her dominance and success truly knows no end.

Such is the path this phantom of Parnassos treads and it’s clear of conscience, remorse or regret.

Writer Kelly Thompson is adding more and more to the legend that is Phasma, building on what we already learned from Delilah S. Dawson’s portrait in the Phasma novel. While readers of that book will find a reference or two to Phasma’s past in the comic, it’s not needed.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars #37

This review of Star Wars #37 contains minor spoilers.

Jason Aaron could have ended his tenure writing Marvel’s flagship Star Wars series with a burst of frenetic energy and action signifying nothing more than immediate gratification.

Instead, he concluded his adventuresome run with a big bang of swirling violence, darkly driven characters and above all, new beginnings.

There’s no doubting Aaron’s prowess as a story teller. It’s on display in this final outing — only temporary, we hope — both in in the main story and the stellar backup that brings readers another tale from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Tatooine daries.

Despite the orgy of violence in the first story, it’s ultimately a tale of hope and redemption, leaping off the pages starting with the cover by Mike Mayhew.

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Comics With Kenobi #35

It’s autumn up here in our hemisphere.

While leaves are falling, and the countdown clock is flipping closer and closer to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we’re slating our Star Wars thirst with a bevy of Star Wars comics from Marvel and IDW Publishing, as well as a couple of young upstarts from down in central Florida, too.

September’s comics ran the gamut from Prequel Trilogy-era events in the Clone Wars, to Original Trilogy-era nefariousness to Sequel Trilogy-era malfeasance.

There was also a Dickensian-inspired Sithmas carol that brought us a bunch of Darths, including Bane, Malgus and Vader.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Mace Windu #2

This review of Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic — Mace Windu #2 contains minor spoilers.

The mystery of the Jedi Order has always been its self-styled mission of policing the Galaxy and keeping order among the Republic.

It’s almost Sith-like, this devotion and dedication Jedi have, and has always been a sticking point for me amid the reverie and adulation of Jedi.

In the pages of Mace Windu #2, that hubris is brought to bear as Mace battles mano-a-mano with AD-W4 on Hissrich.

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