Why Star Wars?

Mickey's Jedi Blend

Everyday at work my team and I play some very engaging and sometimes physical games of ping-pong. I’m sure you are thinking how physical can table tennis really be, but trust me, it’s a miracle no one has broken a bone they way we, well at least the way I fly around the room. Its nothing for me to knock someone over going to return a ball, which is why I have earned the nickname “The A-Train”. What does this have to do with Star Wars you ask, I’ll tell you.

My co-worker Chad figured out if he gets me engaged in conversation during the game I’m completely distracted and my game goes right down the toilet. Knowing this, the other day he started off with a simple statement as he served me the ball: “Back To The Future is a far better movie series than the Star Wars saga.” Needless to say, i was caught off guard and it showed. My jaw clinched as he began just pouring the gas on the fire he just started with small statements like “Marty McFly was better than Luke Skywalker” and “Biff was a better villain than Vader.” I was about to have a stroke but it did get me thinking, why Star Wars? Why has it had the long-lasting effect and life than other feature film series, i.e. Back To The Future, The Matrix, Lord Of The Rings? What has allowed Star Wars to stand the test of time and remain popular after all these years?

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Production on ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Resumes After a Brief Hiatus


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that production on Star Wars Episode VII has resumed. The filming schedule had to be reshuffled, and the cast and crew took two weeks off while aspects of the production were reorganized. This brief hiatus was a result of the injury Harrison Ford sustained on set back in June. Now that he has fully recovered, things are being kicked back into gear and the cast and crew have returned to Pinewood Studios in London.

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Faith and the Force: A Guest Blog from Fr. James Worthington

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Welcome to all who are running into my writing for the first time.  We are always told to find something we love and then find someone to let you do it.  Well, so far in my life that has worked out, and I am very grateful to our galactic baristas.  I am a priest of the Orthodox Church, and nothing can make me happier.  When I was ordained to the priesthood, I brought with me a beautiful young family and lots of other interests and hobbies.  Among these interests was a love for the Star Wars universe.  Well, it’s really only a galaxy.  I have a clear memory of my aunt taking me to see Return of the Jedi in Yeadon, PA – I was only 5 when it came out, and in my mind’s eye I can still remember the Star Destroyer entering from the top of the screen and the rumble in that theater.  My aunt likes to remind me and how I wouldn’t stop talking about the movie when it was all over. 

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More ‘Secrets of Star Wars Rebels’ from Toys “R” Us Canada {Video}


Toys “R” Us Canada has a new installment of their ‘Secrets of Star Wars Rebels‘ series posted. This one is all about the All Terrain – Armored Transport — better known as the AT-AT. Check it out below:

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George Lucas to be Honored by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers


The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers will bestow an Honorary Membership to George Lucas in recognition of his use of new technologies for the purpose of “motion picture production and exhibition.”  It is the highest honor awarded by the Society.

Here is a statement from the SMPTE regarding the significant contributions George Lucas has made to the industry:

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The Caffeinated Collector: Episode 7 – This IS Your Father’s Star Wars

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As we get closer to the premier of Star Wars: Rebels, I get more and more excited about seeing the new series. As I get more and more excited about seeing the new series, I keep wondering why. What is it about the new series that has reignited my fire for new Star Wars? I enjoy Clone Wars very much, but I never really connected with it as much as I have already connected with Rebels, even though I’ve only seen about 9 minutes of footage.  I’ve mentioned a couple of times on different podcasts (Assembly of Geeks and Coffee With Kenobi, to be exact), that this somehow feels like “My Star Wars” in a way that the prequels and the Clone Wars cartoon did not.

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Watch the New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Short Featuring Zeb!


The third in the series of Star Wars Rebels shorts features Zeb Orrelios, the muscle of the Ghost crew. Zeb is interesting because his appearance is based on early concept art that Ralph McQuarrie did for the character we’d come to know as Chewbacca.

You can check out “Entanglement” below:

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Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley Take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


We’ve all seen J.J. Abrams do it… Members of the 501st… Steve Sansweet… Our very own Dan Z and Cory Clubb – Practically every person on the planet! Now it’s time to see Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, put his own spin on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mr. Hamill was challenged by his Star Wars Episode VII co-star, Daisy Ridley. Here we go!

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