The Caffeinated Collector: Episode 6 – Jeff Buys A Thesaurus. And A Brain.

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So, you know how this blog is normally about my collecting misadventures, full of funny anecdotes and witty commentary on the foibles of conspicuous consumption (not to mention a liberal dose of humility and five-dollar words)? Well, prepare to be disappointed. This time out, I have some actual thinking to present. You can thank Joe Taylor (aka Joe2-D2) and his most recent blog (which you can read here). In case you’re too busy to click the link, Joe was pondering Anakin’s place as the Chosen One from the prophecies. I was reminded of Yoda’s assertion that it’s possible that the prophecy was misread. Which lead me to my ramblings this time out.

It’s always struck me as interesting and a bit confounding that George Lucas presented us with a very fallible Jedi order in the prequel trilogy. We saw a group of Jedi who were so entrenched in institutional bureaucracy that they were paralyzed to take any real action without a meeting of the council. They were out of touch with anything ground-level, it seemed, and they even had to admit to themselves that their ability to use the Force had been compromised. I know a lot of this was used to illustrate just how powerful Palpatine was, because I know the shroud around the Force that they couldn’t pierce was partially the darkness surrounding the Emperor, but we are never given a concrete indication of just how much of it is good ol’ Uncle Palpy (as I prefer to call him), and how much of it is a result of complacency and laziness on the part of the Jedi. Continue reading

Mark Hamill Talks to the BBC About His Return to Star Wars


Mark Hamill was recently interviewed at the London premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy by Lizo Mzimba of the BBC about what it’s like returning to the role that made him an icon – Luke Skywalker!

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Check out These Awesome Star Wars Hot Wheels — and the Life-Size Darth Vader Car! – **UPDATED**


In the lead up to San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel has been posting images of the cars from their upcoming Star Wars line of Hot Wheels on their official Facebook page. You can get a look at those images below, and you can expect to find them in stores starting in October.

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Review of Star Wars Rebels The Visual Guide


Star Wars Rebels The Visual Guide is a stunning, optimistic harbinger of what we can expect to look for from the much-anticipated television series.  Adam Bray is the author and guide of this incredibly detailed book, with gorgeous illustrations, character descriptions, and everything you will need to prepare yourself for this promising new series coming this October from Disney and Disney XD.  There is much to savor here, and the only challenge is that the reader will be even more excited for what is to come from the next chapter in the Star Wars saga. Anticipation makes the heart grow fonder!

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A Cup of Clone Wars: The Clovis Arc



On today’s show, we will be discussing the three episodes of the Clovis arc of Season 6.  Joining us is Garr Van Orden, long time listener, friend of the show, and the winner of our Co-Host A Cup of Clone Wars with Coffee With Kenobi!

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Coffee With Kenobi Presents Darth T-Bone’s San Diego Comic Con Coverage

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Starting this afternoon Brandy and I will be partaking in another adventure at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. This year is my 10th and Brandy’s 9th. Over the years we’ve seen quite a bit, met so many great people, and maybe bought a few things. After all those years we are always ready to come back the next year.

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Coffee With Kenobi Co-Host Cory Clubb is Interviewed About His New Novel ‘Uncanny Day’


Jeff McGee, contributing blogger here at Coffee With Kenobi, has a podcast of his own – Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff – and the guest on his most recent show is our very own Cory Clubb, co-host of the CWK podcast!

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Introducing A New Line of Star Wars™ Collectible Mr. Potato Head Figures

A New Line of Star Wars™ Collectible
Mr. Potato Head Figures

MPH Star Wars Darth in pack

MR. POTATO HEAD travels to a galaxy far, far away with an all-new line of Star Wars Collectible Figures. Under license from HASBRO INC. and DISNEY CONSUMER PRODUCTS, PPW TOYS is releasing a line of Star Wars MR. POTATO HEAD figures starting summer of 2014.

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