Coffee With Kenobi Show # 55: A Closer Look at Finn, Rey, and Poe Dameron, featuring Amy Ratcliffe (197)


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In today’s show, Amy Ratcliffe returns as we discuss our topic for Show # 55, a closer look at Finn, Rey, and Poe Dameron. We will also discuss major Rogue One announcements, the Episode VIII score, Celebration London news, and Nick DiCo returns with a look at Star Wars video games.

In Collector News, we look at Ultimate Edition prop replicas, new offerings from ANOVOS, life-sized action figures, and an exciting announcement regarding our TeePublic store. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

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Lattes with Leia Show #6: Debate This (196)



The sixth episode of Lattes with Leia is here! Pour a cup of your beverage of choice and join us — Amy Ratcliffe and Dr. Andrea Letamendi — as we take a trip to the galaxy far, far away. As usual, we discuss what things we’re currently obsessed with in the Star Wars universe, and then we get argumentative. Not really. But we do discuss topics fans love to debate, such as midi-chlorians, prequels, and more!

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Win A Coffee Chat with the Coffee With Kenobi Patreon Page!



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Want to be a guest on our show, help us interview one of our guests, or interview us on a special podcast of your very own? Interested in Coffee With Kenobi swag, including a tee shirt or coffee mug, featuring our award winning logo? The Coffee With Kenobi Patreon page is for you!

Through Patreon, listeners get the chance to help support Coffee With Kenobi, and to have even more opportunities to be a part of the show. Each donation is an entry to win your very own Coffee Chat, as well as even more amazing experiences.

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Coffee and The Clone Wars 6: “Ambush” (1:1)

Yoda Ambush

The sixth episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in canonical order is “Ambush” from Season 1, Episode 1 (1:1). This is the first ever episode of the series to air on television, and is an outstanding debut. The showcase here is Yoda, and what a show it is. His wisdom and Jedi skills are on full display here; in fact, it could be argued that this is the best Yoda-centric episode of the series until Season Six. “Ambush” does not disappoint.

This episode features the debut of a few clones, as well as a new moon. The clones include Lieutenant Thire, Rys, and Jek. While they are difficult to distinguish in this episode, there is a bit of dramatic irony, as Yoda has a great moment towards the end of the episode that dispels that. The setting is Rugosa, which seems to be a moon of Toydaria. It is a bit unclear, however. The moons of Star Wars have always seemed a bit vague to me (moon of Yavin; moon of Endor, etc.), and the tradition continues here. Of note is a baby neebray, which perches itself on Yoda’s finger at the end of the episode. It’s a fascinating moment that will be explored below.

Summary of the Episode

Clone Trooper Ambush

As mentioned above, “Ambush” is a showcase for Yoda, as he finds himself in a trap set up by Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku. It is safe to say that the only person truly ambushed is Ventress, who is on the moon of Rugosa with the explicit intent of convincing the King of Toydaria, Katuunko, that the Separatists are more capable of strength than the Republic, and that the King should side with them.The King wants to give Jedi Master Yoda a chance to prove he can evade capture from the droid army.

Yoda agrees, despite the King’s clear doubts, and shows a bit of his subtle, yet familiar pride. It’s for a good cause though, as he seeks two things here: to show that the Republic is a good fit for Toydaria, and to use this opportunity to teach the clones some valuable lessons. The droid army is no match for Yoda, who brings out the best in his compatriots, and King Katuunko joins the Republic. Dooku decrees that Ventress should assassinate the King on the spot, and Yoda easily disarms Ventress, much to her disdain, as well as her fear of Yoda’s power. Her pride does not allow for anything other than escape, as Yoda mockingly returns her lightsabers to her before she runs off. Don’t mess with Yoda!

What this Episode means for Star Wars

Asajj Ventress Ambush

This episode is one of my favorites, and it’s because it’s a time capsule episode for Yoda. His prowess with a lightsaber, his ability to connect with the Force, and his sense of humor are at the forefront of the episode. He has always been an endearing character, but ever since Attack of the Clones, audiences know why he is a force to be reckoned with in a dual. His face off with Ventress is a clear testament as to how powerful he is. It also shows Ventress that while she is dangerous, she is no match for a Jedi as powerful as Yoda. Much to learn, she still has.

The continuing efforts of the Republic and Separatist armies to recruit allies is prevalent here, but merely to set the plot into motion. So much of this series naturally has this motif of picking a side, and serves as a nice metaphor for both the Jedi, as well as Anakin’s slowly evolving conflict within himself. While Anakin is not seen or mentioned in the episode, the chess pieces begin to move in crucial ways.

The end of “Ambush” has a seemingly innocuous scene, but it may very well be a harbinger of the Star Wars saga. A baby neebray lands on Yoda’s finger, and he lovingly accepts the small creature. It demonstrates Yoda’s paradoxical, childlike innocence despite his seasoned experiences in battle. It also represents that life continues on, despite the technological danger that is the droid army. Yoda is connected with all living things, which further measure how meaningful his conversation with the clone troopers really is. The neebray connection to the infamous owls in the Star Wars animated universe has yet to be explicitly explained, but it’s worth filing away for future analysis.

“Great Leaders Inspire Greatness In Others”

Yoda and Battle Droid Ambush

The most beautiful scene in this episode occurs when Yoda is in the cave with Lieutenant Thire, Rys, and Jek. They are understandably concerned that they are outnumbered and almost out of ammunition. Yoda asks them to remove their helmets, to which they reply that they are not much to look at. He takes this opportunity to point out their individuality, which is somewhat surprising, as he had given no indication that he was aware of it throughout the episode.

As John Williams’ Yoda theme plays throughout, Yoda takes the time to approach each clone, look them in the eyes, and treat them each as unique. He tells Lieutenant Thire that he is patient, Rys that he has team spirit, and Jek that he is clever. While it is a brief moment, it’s among the finest in the entire series. The clones are more than a collection of similar faces; they are recognized and embraced by the Force, indicating their individuality and spirituality. Yoda is a great leader that inspires greatness in the clones. He is a mirror for them, and does not talk about or build himself up. That is what a great leader does, and his impact is immediate, satisfying, and helps perpetuate why Yoda is such a fantastic character.

Five down, one hundred and sixteen to go! Up next is “Rising Malevolence”, episode 102 (1:2), which starts a three part arc. Grab a cup of coffee and join me as we revisit Star WarsThe Clone Wars!

Core Worlds Couture: Spiffing Jewelry Review

Core Worlds Couture With Jay Krebs


My custom necklace from Spiffing Jewelry

Welcome back!

This week in Core Worlds Couture, I’ll be reviewing a unique Star Wars inspired jewelry piece. Let’s jump right to it!

Spiffing Jewelry “The Force Is Strong In My Family” necklace



This item was my “Happy Mother’s Day To Me” purchase. I found the company through a link on social media, and decided to purchase this necklace, because I’m always looking for something unique – and even personalized – to add to my jewelry entourage. As a mom, this necklace also appealed to me, because it’s a stylized Star Wars version of the run-of-the-mill “mommy charm necklaces” available through many other venues.

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Coming Soon: Physical Versions of Your Favorites from the Star Wars Card Trader App


Great news for collectors! Your favorite cards from the Topps Star Wars Card Trader app will be available in physical form this November! Base cards, special inserts, autograph cards — you’ll finally be able to hold them in your hands and trade with your friends, physically and digitally.

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Galactic Fashion Show #13 from Jedi News Network is Here!

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galactic fashion

Galactic Fashion is a monthly podcast dedicated to Star Wars and geek fashion, hosted by Johnamarie Macias and Teresa Delgado and part of the Jedi News Network. In this episode, they discuss the phase two shoe collection by Irregular Choice, the new Dooney & Bourke bags, Catherine Elhoffer’s Star Wars inspired dresses on Etsy, Disney’s Life & Style event, and much more. The two also review their gold plated and black leather crawl wraps by Love and Madness and take a quiz published by the Disney Style blog. Since there’s no interview this month, the two hosts read and discuss fan responses regarding Star Wars fashion from the Disney Parks and Disney Store. You can contact us on Skype at JediNewsNetwork with your comments, views and opinions and be a part of the show.

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Royal Selangor’s Exclusive Star Wars Collection Preview

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Will you be in London the weekend of July 9-10? If so, you are cordially invited to Royal Selangor’s Exclusive Star Wars Collection Preview!

Royal Selangor has a long history of creating quality pewter collectibles, and their fully licensed Star Wars line is certain to become a must for collectors who appreciate fine craftsmanship.

Find out more about this free event below:

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Catch Up With The Latest Features From CWK’s Dan Z!


Coffee With Kenobi co-host Dan Z has a new feature posted on, and it’s all about comics! “Comic Book Galaxy” will appear weekly and will focus what’s new in the world of Star Wars comics. The first entry highlights issue #1 of Marvel’s comic book adaptation of The Force Awakens and previews Darth Vader #22.

Here is an excerpt:

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Episode 47 of Jedi News Network’s Radio 1138 is Here!

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Celebration Europe (or should that be Celebration London?) is just 17 days away and we’ve managed to squeeze in one final episode of RADIO 1138 to help make the wait just a touch more manageable. This episode we’re joined by a quartet of artists you will be seeing in the show, Jason Christman, Jeff Carlisle, Joe Corroney and Malcolm Tween and we rundown the panels and podcasts that #TeamJediNews members will be participating in. All that and and more in episode 47 of RADIO 1138, brought to you by the Jedi News Network. You can contact us on Skype at JediNewsNetwork with your comments, views and opinions and be a part of the show.

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Rogue One: What’s in Store?


This past week, Anthony Breznican shared a group of stories on Entertainment Weekly with all new information regarding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which is coming out this December. We learned more about the characters, including their names and what sort of purposes they serve, as well as a character from the small screen coming to the big screen. With all this intrigue and new information, what is there to glean about how this will impact the greater mythos while being a standalone film?

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The Caffeinated Collector: Episode 27 – …Because I Don’t Already Collect Enough Stuff…

MarvinDog Media Star Wars logo(plain)

My blog is ostensibly about collecting and Star Wars. Not always, of course, but mostly, that’s my focus. I recently wandered down the dark, deep hole of collecting albums on vinyl. I know, as if I have space or the means to take on ANOTHER collection. I have a problem, I know, I’m dealing, thank you. ANYWHO, this brings up a new area of Star Wars collecting that I haven’t given much attention to: Star Wars records!!!! I want them all, the music, the story discs, all of it! And I actually already have quite a bit!

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