Announcing Personalized Star Wars Titles from Sourcebooks


Sourcebooks Creates Personalized Star Wars™ Titles

Naperville, IL, August 4, 2015—Sourcebooks, a leading independent publisher and developer, announced today the publication of two personalized Star Wars books through their website, Put Me in the Story, which will launch in September 2015. Since its launch in 2012, Put Me In The Story has grown its collection of stories featuring some of the world’s best-known brands, including Disney.

Using the innovative Put Me In The Story platform, a child’s name is imaginatively integrated throughout the text, making them the star of the story, alongside beloved characters. With a photo, custom dedications and other personalization features in each book, these personal touches create a magical experience for each child, connecting them with their favorite characters and bestselling books.

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Enter the Star Wars Card Trader Contest from Topps Digital and Coffee With Kenobi

Topps Digital

Coffee With Kenobi is proud to offer fans of the Topps Star Wars: Card Trader digital app an amazing opportunity! Two lucky fans will win 1 million in-app credits, and two fans will win 500 thousand credits! Just imagine what this could do for you Star Wars digital card collection!

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Toys”R”Us Announces Worldwide Midnight Opening Celebration for Force Friday!



The Next Chapter of the Legendary Franchise Begins at Toys“R”Us Stores Across the Globe on Force Friday, September 4 at 12:01am as Fans Get First Access to New Toys, Exclusive Giveaways and More

Company’s International Flagship Store in Times Square to Host Historic Star Wars Toy Exhibition and Ultimate Midnight Opening Celebration

WAYNE, NJ (August 4, 2015) – Toys“R”Us® is going into hyperdrive and preparing an out-of-this-galaxy, global celebration for the upcoming debut of toys based on the next chapter of the Star Wars™ Saga at 12:01am on Force Friday, September 4. Counting down to the highly anticipated toy launch and this fall’s new theatrical release, Toys“R”Us stores worldwide and have transformed into Destination: Star Wars, every fan’s retail source for The Force with hundreds of new products, including those only available at Toys“R”Us. On Force Friday, Toys“R”Us stores around the globe will open their doors for special midnight opening festivities, providing customers of all ages the opportunity to be among the first to purchase must-have merchandise, receive exclusive giveaways and immerse themselves in all things Star Wars. The company’s international flagship store, Toys“R”Us Times Square in New York City, will host a historic Star Wars toy exhibition leading up to the grandest midnight opening celebration of all, welcoming legions of eager fans with costumed characters, signing events, giveaways and more all day on Thursday, September 3.

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CWK Co-hosts Dan and Cory Join Full of Sith in a Two-Part Crossover Show


This week, Coffee With Kenobi co-hosts Dan and Cory join the Full of Sith podcast in a two-part crossover show. Part one is available right now at Full of Sith, and part two will be available here on CWK this Friday. Discussion includes “the ending of Return of the Jedi, rumors of a new Star Wars Netflix series, and JJ Abrams’ levels of personal sacrifice for making The Force Awakens.”

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Image belongs to Full of Sith.

Help Support the ‘Star Trek Wars’ Kickstarter Campaign!

"Space Battle" Animation Concept Art by Katherine Lin

“Space Battle” Animation Concept Art by Katherine Lin

There’s a long, rich tradition of fan films in the geek community, but most focus on one specific franchise — Whether it’s Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, or any one of the other fandoms within the realms of sci-fi and fantasy. Now, however, there’s a crossover fan film in the works — Star Trek Wars!

Why combine Star Wars and Star Trek? Well, 2015 will see the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and J.J. Abrams has helmed both franchises. The time is right, and a crossover event makes perfect sense! That’s where you come in — You can help make this film a reality!

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Talking Toys with Taylor & Jeff Presents Kenner’s Hammerhead!


On the latest Action Figure Exclusive from Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff, the guys discuss everyone’s favorite side-glancing creature, HAMMERHEAD!! Can this character’s awesome design overcome his choice of blue onesie evening wear? Listen and find out! Listen here

‘As I Am’ – Star Wars Changed My Life


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else
is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sandra, are you Haitian? You don’t look Haitian. Oh, you’re from another country. You listen to New Kids on the Block. You’re not Black. Throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years, these were some of the comments I had to hear from my peers. I blamed their reactions in part on not being exposed to other cultures. I used to stare in the mirror and wonder why did the other kids think I was so different. At the time, I used to giggle and laugh at the comments. I also didn’t realize the negative effects it would have in my life.

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Mickey’s Jedi Blend: Star Wars Weekends, My Thoughts…

Mickey's Jedi Blend

So it’s been a little over a month since Disney wrapped up week five of Star Wars Weekends. Being there all five weeks was exhausting, but quite rewarding. I know this particular blog is a little later than I wanted, but to give you some insight, in the middle of the weekends we discovered we were having to move from our home of 4 years by the end of June. Not only was the move unexpected, my family and I had nowhere to go. Fortunately the doors we needed opened and we found a place to go, but it was about 1200 square feet smaller.  I have to throw a special shout out to my best friend Robbie, without him, that move would have been impossible to have completed. Thank you buddy, we make a better team than Han and Chewie.

Now down to business. Star Wars Weekends 2015.

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Banking in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Council ChamberJust like any other from of entertainment, Star Wars is always taking real world elements and applying them to the Galaxy Far, Far Away.  One thing that is ever present in our world is banking and the financial industry.  Because I happen to work in the financial industry, I thought it would be a great idea to take an in-depth look and see just how Star Wars uses these institutions and applies them.

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