Legends Library: New Jedi Order Part 7

The circle is complete!!!!! At least the New Jedi Order is complete. Luke and Randy close out the final chapter of the NJO this month. The Final Prophecy and The Unifying Force are the focus this episode, bringing the over 20 book series to an end. Jacen, Luke, and Zonama Sekot take on the last of the Yuuzhan Vong on Coruscant. In what seemed to be an endless battle only the “unifying force” could make the difference. They also announce the winner of this year’s Legends Library Card. Congrats to Colemandowraith, this years winner! Next book…….Death Star.

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CWK Show #86: “In J. J. we trust”, with Richard Woloski and Mark Sutter (181)

Dan Z is joined by Skywalking Through Neverland’s Richard Woloski, and the co-host of Idiot’s Array & Tarkin’s Top Shelf, Mark Sutter. They start the show with a look at J.J. Abrams returning to Episode IX and a new release date for the film. Richard talks Galaxy’s Edge in California, and Tom does news.  For the Coffee Chat, they discuss whether or not Luke was tempted by the dark side in Return of the Jedi. They close out the show with an iTunes review. This the podcast you’re looking for! 

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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season Four Viewing Schedule

Here’s a bit of an FYI regarding the schedule for the upcoming fourth season of Star Wars Rebels:

All the paths are coming together as Star Wars Rebels returns for its fourth and final season beginning Monday, October 16th on Disney XD.

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The Star Wars Show | Super Rare Star Wars Toys, John DiMaggio and Danny Jacobs, and More!

This week on The Star Wars Show there’s scheduling news for Star Wars Rebels, a visit to the Lucasfilm vault to check out rare Star Wars toys, and a conversation with John DiMaggio and Danny Jacobs from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

See all that and more in the video below:

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Check Out the Premiere Episode of ‘Science and Star Wars’

The premiere episode of Science and Star Wars has been released on the official Star Wars Facebook page — where it will debut each week, with the videos being uploaded to the Star Wars YouTube channel on Thursday. In this first episode, host Anthony Carboni is joined by Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels) build a lightsaber!

Check it out below:

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IDW Star Wars Comics Review: Star Wars Adventures #2

This review of Star Wars Adventures #2 contains minor spoilers.

There’s no sophomore slump for IDW Publishing’s Star Wars Adventures #2.

In fact, the second outing in two weeks for the new series is just as good as the debut issue, proving without doubt that an all-ages Star Wars comic is not just viable, but vivacious.

Issue two, like the first, sports a main story and a backup tale from Wild Space. Both are equally charming, splendidly paced and adroitly written and illustrated.

This issue also marks a milestone, too, with artist Elsa Charretier making her comics writing debut, co-scripting the Tales From Wild Space backup “The Flat Mountain of Yavin” with Pierrick Colinet.

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Po-Zu Announces Co-Branded Star Wars | Po-Zu Limited Edition Resistance Sneaker for Men

Po-Zu announce co-branded Star Wars™ l Po-Zu Limited Edition Bronze Leather RESISTANCE Sneaker for Men

The latest in the co-branded Star Wars l Po-Zu limited edition footwear range has been announced by Po-Zu today. Joining the women’s Silver Linen RESISTANCE High Top, a Limited-Edition High Top Bronze Leather RESISTANCE Sneaker for men available to pre-order today.

Star Wars fans and sneaker collectors now have the opportunity to order 1 of the 1,000 limited production run, each pair stamped with a unique number on the tongue’s lining (see close-up image).

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Cargo Cosmetics Announces ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Makeup Collection

Cargo Cosmetics Announces Star Wars: The Last Jedi Makeup Collection

New York, September 18, 2017 – Each season, Cargo Cosmetics journeys to a different destination as a nod to the free spirit of the independent traveler. For Fall/Holiday 2017, the beauty brand will embark on an intergalactic voyage transporting consumers to a galaxy far, far away.

 Award-winning color brand, Cargo Cosmetics, announced the launch of a limited edition Star Wars: The Last Jedi makeup collection via Instagram and Twitter posts published earlier today.

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Ruminations: Rogue One Changes Everything

It started with the Death Star, with the jolt that went through me the first time I saw it over the horizon of the then still unfamiliar Scarif. I couldn’t quite push the image from my mind. Immediately, I knew that things would shift in the Star Wars galaxy with the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story; I didn’t yet know that for me, the shift would be drastic.

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Marvel Star Wars Comics Review: Doctor Aphra #12

This review of Doctor Aphra #12 contains minor spoilers.

It’s no secret Dr. Chelli Aphra has a keen mind, sharp reflexes and a perniciously clever way of thwarting imminent demise with absolutely no concern for anyone who may, or may not, be in the way.

Or does she?

There are some truly puzzling motives to parse in the latest issue of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra and not all of them involve self-centered greed and malice toward all.

In fact, writer Kieron Gillen has added more depth to Aphra throughout the penultimate chapter of “The Enormous Profit” storyline in the monthly series.

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How Deep Did George Lucas Go with the Hero’s Journey in Star Wars? — A Guest Blog by Tomas Pueyo

How Deep Did George Lucas Go with the Hero’s Journey in Star Wars? — A Guest Blog by Tomas Pueyo

Much has been said about George Lucas and the Hero’s Journey. He discovered Joseph Campbell’s idea while the script for A New Hope and became instantly fascinated: so many elements of his movie fit in the Hero’s Journey framework! He decided to go all in and rewrite his script to turn it into a fundamental myth.

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