Lattes with Leia Show #11: Giving Thanks (227)



The eleventh episode of Lattes with Leia is here. Since the episode is dropping around another holiday, Thanksgiving this time, Andrea and Amy discuss what they're thankful for in Star Wars. They also touch on how gratitude can have a positive impact, self-care, and finally, some Star Wars holiday gift ideas! Listen and share what you're thankful for and why.

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Some of the stuff we mention on the show:

NY Times article – How Female Fans Made Star Wars Their Own

Amy's spoiler-free review of Rogue One: Catalyst

I Was There Too podcast

DIY Star Wars terrarium

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Coffee With Kenobi Show #59: Rebels Season Three, featuring Freddie Prinze Jr. (226)


CoffeeWithKenobi Flavicon

We're back! After a brief respite, Dan Z and Cory Clubb return. We celebrate Star Wars Reads Day live for the first half of the show, featuring our discussion with Zack Kalina, the owner of the official comic book shop of Coffee With Kenobi, Zeke's Comics and Games.

We return to the studio for the second half of the show, which features the return of Freddie Prinze Jr. as we discuss our topic for Show # 59, Star Wars Rebels Season Three. We also look at new info from JJ Abrams concerning Kylo Ren, Rogue One character posters, Special CWK correspondent Mike Audette shares his interview with Hasbro, CWK blogger Jason Blogger debuts a new feature where he looks at the state of Star Wars canon, and Nick DiCo returns to talk Star Wars video games. 

<ahref="">Listen to the Show here!

In Collector News, we look at the AT-ACT previews, discuss the Rogue One merchandise checklist, a new Dr. Aphra comic book series, and share our latest collectibles. So, pull up a chair, grab your favorite coffee mug and let’s have some Coffee With Kenobi!

Show Notes


JJ Abrams on Kylo Ren's thought process during that infamous scene from The Force Awakens

Rogue One Character Posters

Collector News

AT-ACT Video Preview

Hasbro Rogue One Checklist

The New Dr. Aprha Series

Discussion Segment

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Win an Ahsoka Funko Pop! Plus Funko’s Holiday Gift Guide and Smuggler’s Bounty Exclusive!


Enter to Win Autographed Ahsoka Pop!

We’re giving away TWO Hot Topic exclusive Ahsoka Pop!s,
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To enter, draw a picture of Ahsoka and post a photo of your drawing to
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The giveaway will close on Monday, December 5th and the
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December Deals on Signed Star Wars Memorabilia and Gift Boxes for Sports Fans at Steiner Sports!


Time to get shopping for the holiday season! Steiner Sports is here to help, especially if you have Star Wars and sports fans in your family or circle of friends. Steiner Sports is the home for authentic signed memorabilia, whether from your favorite film saga or sports team. To help you get a jump on the busy shopping season, we have a few discounts codes good for the month of December. Find out more below!

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Here is a selection of Star Wars memorabilia available at Steiner Sports:

J.J. Abrams Signed 12x18 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Vertical Poster

J.J. Abrams Signed 12x18 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Vertical Poster

Carrie Fisher Signed Princess Leia <a href=

Star Wars B/W 11x14 Photo" width="600" height="475" /> Carrie Fisher Signed Princess Leia Star Wars B/W 11x14 Photo

George Lucas Signed Limited Edition Star Wars 24x36 Lithograph (PSA/DNA Holo)

George Lucas Signed Limited Edition Star Wars 24x36 Lithograph (PSA/DNA Holo)

For the sports fans:

Give the Best Gift Ever with a Ultimate Fan Gift Box! Up to 67% off exclusive signed memorabilia and game-used collections from your favorite teams!

Thank you to Steiner Sports.

TeePublic SiteWide Sale!! 25% Off Everything on the Site!


Looking for gifts for the Coffee With Kenobi fan in your life? Getting excited for Rogue One and need new Star Wars apparel? You’re in luck because CWK’s TeePublic store is on sale! T-shirts, hoodies, kids tees — even mugs, laptop and phone cases, and notebooks!

All you need to do is visit our TeePublic store here and enter the discount code 25OFF when you’re ready to check out! The sale is on now through December 3, so don’t delay!

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Rebels Reconnaissance: “The Wynkahthu Job” Review


*Spoiler warning: This review contains spoilers for the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Wynkahthu Job.”

One of the things that has always contributed to the mass appeal of Star Wars is its ability to be malleable. If one looks hard enough, one can find stories that fit virtually any template be it samurai film, Hitchcockian thriller, or even zombie apocalypse. This week’s episode of Rebels, “The Wynkahthu Job” employs yet another familiar motif--the heist movie.

Hondo Ohnaka returns to Star Wars Rebels as the scheming (and yet still charming) Weequay pirate who enlists the help of the Ghost crew in securing the payload of an Imperial cargo ship that has become caught in an atmospheric storm above the planet Wynkahthu. For the rebels, the motivation to assist is clear as the job promises a large collection of proton bombs, but the downside is just as obvious as Hondo’s partner for this operation is the loathsome Azmorigan (last seen in the episode “Idiot’s Array”). The two scoundrels are interested in the ship because it supposedly is also carrying precious metals, ancient artifacts, and “riches untold.” That the collection of treasures is most likely the result of Imperial plundering of occupied worlds is enough to give pause to Ezra, but Hondo and Azmorigan do not suffer from the same crisis of conscience as theirs have been seared repeatedly over time. And yet, the writers of Rebels are still able to make Hondo appealing despite this--and many other character defects--which is a true testament to their impressive skills.


One of these defects, the willful abandonment of his entire Ugnaught crew, is the actual reason Hondo has recruited Ezra and his friends to help with the Imperial cargo, so while the rebels are not technically walking into a trap, they are entering into a situation without all the pertinent information. Even AP-5 (in his welcome return to Rebels) fails to fully disclose the risks involved. Tasked with planning part of the operation because of his service aboard a similar Imperial cargo ship, AP-5 reveals at the last moment that his plan has only a 38.5% of succeeding, and even then neglects to mention the Imperial sentry droids waiting aboard the ship. These droids, inspired by the Dark Troopers in the “Dark Forces” video game, are menacing and reasonably effective--although their negligence in leaving a captured Zeb with his comlink is puzzling--but I would’ve liked to have seen a more direct link to K-2SO instead. We’ve been promised connections between Rebels and the upcoming Rogue One film, but I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit longer to either get them or realize which connections have already been made.


Regarding the mission, Zeb has been selected as the leader because of Hera of Hera’s reluctance to trust Hondo and her apprehensions about Ezra trusting him too much. It’s a move a protective mother would make, but not one the Padawan’s surrogate father Kanan necessarily agrees with. Having returned to a more Zen-like approach in his teaching style (surely due in no small part to Bendu’s influence), Kanan suggests that Hera should let the boy learn for himself not to trust Hondo, but he ultimately acquiesces.


As for the heist itself, the plan is relatively simple if incredibly difficult. Since the Imperial cargo ship is not only ensnared in Wynkahthu’s atmospheric storms but is also being dragged into a vortex, time is a factor and the Ghost will not be able to simply land on the other craft. This conundrum creates a natural tension the writers use to its fullest as the zip-line method Zeb and company use to transfer the bombs and treasure back to their ship calls to mind similar harrowing  sequences in films like Cliffhanger, Air Force One, and The Dark Knight Rises.


With the storm-induced timeline ticking down and the salvage operation complicated by the cargo ship’s now-engaged sentry droids, the rebels manage to offload several proton bombs to fortify their arsenal, but Hondo and Azmorigan only manage to acquire one crate. Our heroes--and our scoundrels--all survive the impending doom (with absolutely no help from Chopper). Everyone is reunited aboard the Ghost where the crate of “treasure” is revealed to contain only Melch, one of Hondo’s abandoned crewmembers who had stowed away in the box to ensure that he wasn’t left behind again. For once, Ohnaka is the one who comes away empty-handed, but he shrugs it off by claiming that “friendship is the greatest treasure” and that finding Melch in the container was an acceptable alternative.


In short, having Hondo Ohnaka in the episode is always a boon for Star Wars Rebels and I hope he keeps coming back for more. And if the young Han Solo/Lando Calrissian movie turns out to be all that we’ve been hearing about and hoping for, maybe there’s a place for Hondo there as well.

Thank you for reading! If you have feedback or just want to say hello, you can leave a comment on this page or email me at You can also contact me on Twitter @influxman or check out my Rogue page on “Star Wars in the Classroom.”

And don’t forget to check out the latest Rebels Reactions for even more insight, discussion, and analysis on this episode.

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Rebels Reactions: “Imperial Super Commandos” and “Iron Squadron” (228)

Rebels Reactions

Rebels Reactions is back! In this special double feature review, host Aaron Harris is joined by David Modders in a discussion about “Imperial Super Commandos” and “Iron Squadron” So sit back, relax and enjoy the discussion!

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Melinda’s Brew: My Ticket-Buying Saga

Melinda's Brew

Do you remember the thrill you got when word came down the pike that tickets for each of the Star Wars Prequels were going on sale? Admittedly, that sense of excitement probably was a lot like – or the same – feeling you experienced when you heard about tickets for last year’s “The Force Awakens” going on sale, as well as this year’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”. If you were like me, you were – and are – soaring high on Cloud Nine!

I remember high-tailing it to our local theater when tickets for each of the Prequels went on sale – to stand in line with fellow Star Wars fans as we waited – for hours – for the box office to open. [In my neck of the woods, city code does not allow for anyone to stand in line for days.] While there usually was something else I *should have* been doing, I was happy to be my family’s representative in line to ensure we got tickets to “The Phantom Menace”, “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith”. It was fun to be among the horde of Star Wars fans! Strangers became acquaintances, even friends. We shared tales of our years of being fans of [in my opinion] the greatest franchise in the world. Those of us who thought ahead brought nourishment to see us through our “ordeal”, and we shared our sustenance. We saved each other’s places in line when anyone had to make a run to the nearby service station to “use the facilities”, to purchase a bit extra sustenance or to make a call home to request additional supplies. Everyone stayed in good spirits. We were in it for the long haul – together in our shared objective.

Last year, as I sat glued to the television – during the commercial breaks [something I am not likely to do under normal circumstances!] – waiting for the new “The Force Awakens” trailer to air during that night’s Monday Night Football game – to signify the onset of ticket sales – I thought the Star Wars ticket-buying experience was going to be lackluster. As soon as the trailer wound down, I ran upstairs to my computer, which already was set up at one of the movie ticket buying websites, and began the arduous task of trying to get my purchase to go through. Ugh! For two hours, the site kept crashing, and I thought I’d never be able to get tickets to “The Force Awakens” [for opening night, that is]. I even tried getting tickets to other nights’ viewings [I had planned to see TFA more than once over the course of its in-theater showings] – all to no avail. At one point, I received a phone call from my oldest daughter who lives halfway across the country from me, and she asked if I would like her to purchase tickets for our Christmas holiday family viewing. Mind you, I thought it incredibly ironic that there she was – in Southern California – able to purchase tickets to see “The Force Awakens” at a theater here in Wisconsin when I couldn’t – even though I was right here! Frustrated with putting up with the uncooperative website, I decided to give our local theater a call to see if, by some chance, it was open, and whether I could buy my tickets there. When I was told, “Yes, come on over!”, I threw on my jacket, grabbed my car keys, bid my husband a hurried “I’m going to South Shore to buy my tickets in person!”, and drove the 12 minutes to the movie house. I opened the main door to find I was not the only individual to give up on modern technology! The few of us who stood in line waiting to make our purchases bemoaned our unsuccessful attempts online, laughed at how this experience seemed to mirror Darth Vader’s retort about the “technological terror” the Empire had constructed. Machines always are meant to fail – in one capacity or another – and Darth Vader knew it. So did those of us who put Plan B into action. 😉 It was fun being party to that cadre of fans who took matters into their own hands, and went to the theater to purchase tickets. Even though we stood in line for only 10 or 15 minutes, we got the chance to connect instead of dealing with an inanimate object to complete our task. When my turn came, I was able to snag the last two seats next to each other [the theater I chose offers assigned seating] at the time slot I wanted. Now, all I had to do was be patient and wait for Opening Night!

Fast forward to the fall of 2016, and we Star Wars fans anxiously awaited word about when tickets for “Rogue One” would go on sale. Disney was mum about it for the longest time, and when fans started mulling over the possibility that an announcement would come on Thanksgiving, I dismayed – because I wouldn’t have access to a television, and access to a computer would be sporadic at best. Bless her heart, CWK’s own media specialist, Lisa, offered to email me if she heard anything. She got word to me that tickets for “Rogue One” would go on sale at 12:01 a.m. EST this past Monday. I was slated to be home by that time, but midnight? Midnight? [Of course, I knew if it was midnight EST, tickets would go on sale at 11:01 p.m. Sunday where I live, but that still would be pretty late for the box office to be open.] On the off chance that I would be able to forego using the internet to complete my ticket purchases, I called the theater to ask if the box office would be open late Sunday night. Sadly, I received a negative reply – although the individual who answered the phone kindly shared with me that it would open early Monday morning, at 8:30. If I got too frustrated online, I always could go to the theater in the morning to pick up tickets then, even though I probably would have to forego an opening night viewing.

It took almost one hour for me to finally complete an online purchase of tickets to “Rogue One”. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say that either of the two websites I was using actually “crashed” during that time period [I hoped doubling my efforts would result in a faster, positive outcome], I got “error” message after “error” message, and grew more and more frustrated. When I seemed to make headway ... I wound up having my spirits dashed when I’d get a “timed out” response – after only seconds of going through the purchase process! Timed out after 10 seconds? How is that possible? I had to start the whole endeavor all over again! Ugh! When I finally – seemed – to complete my ticket purchase, I wasn’t even sure if my transaction went through properly since I didn’t get a confirmation. I called the customer service number for the website, and the kind young woman on the other end of the telephone line told me, yes, my purchase went through. Then she apologized, explaining that the website was lagging – incredibly so – due to the high volume of traffic. All this was transpiring while I was put in another website’s “queue”. Before my wait time was over, I was kicked out of the queue, and had to restart that process! You’d think these online giants would be prepared for the onslaught of Star Wars fans trying to buy tickets to the upcoming film – especially after what happened last year when tickets for TFA went on sale. As it turns out, TFA and ROASWS hold the top two slots, respectively, for single-day ticket sales as reported by the major online ticket outlets [according to “Entertainment Weekly”].

Yes, it was frustrating to go through this yet again, but as far as I’m concerned, the real loss was not having the opportunity to share the ticket-buying experience with other Star Wars fans. Sitting at my computer, I missed the camaraderie of my fellow fans. I missed the chance to get to know a few of you – even if for only a short while. I missed the chance to share stories and experiences that only kinship allow. I missed the opportunity of our paths crossing in our shared quest. I missed the connection that one can get only in those instances when people are in the same place at the same time.

One thing is for certain, though. I’m looking forward to catching up with you next month as we wait – in line – for the doors to open to “Rogue One”. See you there!

What about you? What are your thoughts about this? I’d love to hear them. We may be using a machine to connect in this instance, but there would be a connection nonetheless. 🙂 Please leave a message in one of the comment boxes below.

Until next time,


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Entertainment Earth Announces Its Top 12 Great Gifts for the Holiday Season


Entertainment Earth Announces Its Top 12 Great Gifts for the Holiday Season
Deals on Action Figures, Toys, and Collectibles

SIMI VALLEY, CA: November 30, 2016

Entertainment Earth®, the leading pioneer in the online toy and collectibles retail industry since 1996, unveils its top collectibles this holiday season. From exclusive Batman to Transformers to Star Wars action figures, the list offers a comprehensive collection that should appeal to any collector.

"Our Top 12 Great Gifts were assembled to showcase items for fans looking to acquire something for themselves, as well as to guide people to the perfect holiday gift," says Jason Labowitz, President and Co-Founder of Entertainment Earth.

Transformers Generations Platinum Edition Combiner Wars Liokaiser - Entertainment Earth Exclusive $129.99
Liokaiser is finally here! This team was originally released in Japan in 1989, making the Decepticon crew a scarce commodity for American toy collectors. Entertainment Earth brings Liokaiser to the USA for the very first time in this exclusive boxed set!

Star Trek: The Original Series 24kt Gold Plated Enterprise Monitor Mate - Convention Exclusive $59.99
Covered in real 24-karat gold, this deluxe Monitor Mate™ is an ideal gift for any Star Trek fan. Limited to only 1,260 pieces and measuring 2 1/2-inches long x 2 1/2-inches tall, this miniature collectible bobble ship includes a non-damaging adhesive pad that sticks to surfaces like your car dashboard or computer monitor. Plus, as an Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive, each is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Ages 14 and up.

Penny Dreadful Tarot Card Deluxe Carved Wood Box Set - Entertainment Earth Exclusive $59.99
What does your future hold? Find out while you entertain family and friends with this incredible Entertainment Earth Exclusive from Bif Bang Pow!. Just like the set used by the show's heroine (Vanessa Ives), this replica features an authentic wood carved box that measures 6 1/2-inches square x 2 1/4-inches tall (as seen when the cut-wife first introduces Vanessa to the tarot cards in her cottage) and holds 78 premium tarot cards adorned with marvelous series-true artwork, and an informative instruction book! Plus, each limited edition set (only 1,000 sets produced) is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Ages 18 and up.

Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droids 3 3/4-Inch Action Figures - Entertainment Earth Exclusive $79.99
It's an Entertainment Earth Exclusive from out of this galaxy! Based on one of our most beloved exclusive action figure sets, these 3 3/4-inch droid action figures are packaged in a nifty display box shaped like the most famous droid, R2-D2. Enjoy all six with droids dating back as far as the original Star Wars movie through The Clone Wars animated series.

Supernatural Impala 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Metal Vehicle with Sam and Dean Figures - Entertainment Earth Exclusive $99.99
This highly detailed Supernatural 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Metal Vehicle with exclusive Sam and Dean figures positioned inside the car is based on the Supernatural TV series. It features iconography from Season 9, Episode 16, "Bladerunners," with Enochian writing on the side of the vehicle that translates to "Be afraid - your Queen." This collectible of Baby is a must-have for Supernatural fans.

Batman v Superman: The Jokers Wild Batman 19-Inch Big Figs(TM) Action Figure - Convention Exclusive $59.99
From Jakks Pacific's Big Fig 20-inch scale collection - and available only at Entertainment Earth - here is the limited edition Batman v Superman: The Jokers Wild Batman 19-Inch Big Figs(TM) Action Figure. While Batman stands tall and has 7 points of articulation, the Joker got to him on the way from the factory. The Clown Prince of Crime tagged old pointy ears with his name and a bunch of crude symbols and drawings, showing that he's got a great second career in designer toys if the whole supervillain thing doesn't work out for him. This is what happens in Gotham City when you don't lock up the spray paint at the art store!

Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Pop! Vinyl Vehicle $24.99
Wonder Woman's aircraft gets the Pop! Vinyl treatment! The Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Pop! Vinyl Vehicle includes the Amazonian Princess and features her transparent aircraft with a wing span of 8-inches. This amazing Pop! Vinyl vehicle measures about 12-inches long, and Wonder Woman stands about 3 3/4-inches tall. The jet comes packaged in a window display box.

Firefly Serenity Ship Oversized Plush Slippers - Exclusive $44.99
If you're a fan of the Firefly TV series and Serenity movie, you really need to get yourself a pair of these plush slippers with an ultra-comfy bottom, complete with rubbery dots for traction. Use some fantastic footwear to fill the Firefly void in your life!

The Dark Knight Joker Jack-in-the-Box - Convention Exclusive $49.99
What's lurking inside this musical tin box? Crank the retro-styled jack-in-the-box handle to play "Pop Goes the Weasel" as you anticipate that spine-tingling moment when... POP! Out comes THE JOKER™ from the hit 2008 film The Dark Knight! Measuring 5 1/2-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide, this classically designed jack-in-the-box features a detailed plastic head sculpted by 3D Systems (a.k.a. Gentle Giant) and a fabric body. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive is individually numbered with a holographic sticker. Ages 14 and up.

Living Dead Dolls Munchkins of Oz 3-Pack - Entertainment Earth Exclusive $34.99
The Living Dead Dolls Munchkins of Oz 3-Pack - Entertainment Earth Exclusive presents an incredible crossover of the Living Dead Dolls and The Wizard of Oz. These death-defying, death-dealing blue Munchkins measure a bone-chilling 4-inches tall and arrive in a special display box. Start your trip down the Yellow Brick Road off right - screaming in terror at the top of your lungs!

Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman Variant Resin Statue - Entertainment Earth Exclusive $249.99
Princess Diana of Themyscira, as envisioned by world-renowned artist Luis Royo, is brought to breathtaking 3D life by Shin Tanabe in this limited edition Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman Variant Resin Statue - Entertainment Earth Exclusive. With a numbered display plate, art card, and certificate of authenticity, Wonder Woman stands about 12 1/4-inches tall with her Lasso of Truth, indestructible vambraces, and golden tiara. The Entertainment Earth variant version features the Amazon with her shield and sword in her hands, wearing a different outfit that slightly exposes her chiseled midriff. Wonder Woman also sports a different pair of long red-and-silver boots. Limited edition of only 500 pieces worldwide!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber Prop Replica $199.99
The massive Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber Replica includes a cool display stand and three light-up elements on the hilt, just like in the movie. Its sturdy red polycarbonate blade features realistic power-up and power-down glowing light effects. The huge lightsaber also includes digitally recorded and motion-sensor-controlled authentic sound effects, such as power-up, power-down, idle, movement sounds, and clash sounds. It's the perfect companion to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Voice Changer Helmet The Black Series Prop Replica, sold separately.

Give some cheer to someone special this Holiday season, and get a deal on these collectibles. All these items are currently on sale until December 20, 2016, and featured in the Entertainment Earth Top 12 Great Gifts Shop.

Entertainment Earth is also spreading the Holiday cheer by once again being a proud Two Star Partner of the Marine Toys for Tots Campaign, with a portion of each purchase from its website supporting their Toys for Tots donation.

"We are very pleased to welcome Entertainment Earth back for their third year as a major national corporate sponsor," said retired Marine Colonel Ted Silvester, vice president of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. "With their generous support, we will be able to fulfill the Christmas holiday dreams of thousands of less fortunate children, who otherwise might have been forgotten."

The Chance Cube – Episode XII: Listener Questions

The Chance Cube

Episode XII: Listener Questions

The Chance Cube - A Star Wars: Destiny Podcast is back to talk all the latest about Star Wars: Destiny, the newest collectible, customizable, card and dice game from Fantasy Flight Games.  In this week's show, Jason and Amanda discuss the latest news, analyze card #157 Tusken Raider, and discuss their recent adventures at their local Launch Parties.  We also announce our last week's giveaway winner and give you a chance to win a wonderfully unique prize!  Listen to this week's episode here!

You can subscribe to our podcast at iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay.  Feel free to reach out to us below with your questions or thoughts, and you might be featured on a future episode of our show.

Contact Information:

Twitter: @thechancecube
Facebook: /thechancecube
Instagram: /thechancecube
Jason Brame -
Amanda Reynolds -

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: PEOPLE and Twitter Are Hosting a Q&A with the Cast


Rogue One is just around the corner! With tickets available for purchase, and new TV spots appearing at a regular rate, the excitement level just gets higher and higher! Seizing on the excitement, Twitter, Disney, and People magazine are teaming up for a Rogue One Q&A this Friday!

Need more details? Find out more below:

On Dec. 2 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT, Rogue One‘s stars and filmmakers will answer your questions when PEOPLE’s deputy editor J.D. Heyman hosts a Q&A in collaboration with Twitter and Disney.

Fans will get a glimpse of a never-before-seen clip from Rogue One — which takes place shortly before the events of 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope and focuses on a group of unlikely heroes who steal the plans to the Death Star. Then director Gareth Edwards and cast members Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, Riz Ahmed, Ben Mendelsohn and Mads Mikkelsen will chat about the film.

Star Wars aficionados can send their questions to Twitter using the hashtag #AskRogueOne.

The livestream will be available worldwide at, Twitter Moments, and through @StarWars and @People.

PEOPLE’s Rogue One celebration kicks off on Nov. 30 with the release of a special newsstand edition, Stars Wars: The Secrets of Rogue One, featuring a virtual reality bonus including goggles. To watch the full experience and explore more exclusive virtual reality content, download the LIFE VR app for iOS and Android or visit

In addition, the original special Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will premiere on Nov. 30 on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).

Meet Ashley Eckstein & Ashley Taylor at the WonderGround Gallery Anaheim and Orlando!


New Her Universe designs and exclusive Star Wars prints available at the WonderGround Gallery

To celebrate the release of the new Star Wars Her Universe skirt and cardigan exclusively at Disney parks, the Ashleys have teamed up with the WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, CA and the WonderGround Gallery, Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs Marketplace in Orlando, FL for some very SPECIAL SIGNINGS!

Inspired by the iconic Mary Blair, the new designs feature art by artist Ashley Taylor showcasing the Star Wars timeline from the original trilogy. We loved the art so much that we teamed up with the WonderGround Gallery to make it available on exclusive prints, too!

Save the Date

Anaheim, CA
Ashley Eckstein and Ashley Taylor are appearing:
Friday, December 2, 2016 from 6-8PM
WonderGround Gallery, Downtown Disney District

Orlando, FL
Ashley Taylor only is appearing:
Sunday, December 4, 2016 from 12-3PM
Monday, December 5, 2016 from 5-8PM

Ashley Eckstein and Ashley Taylor are appearing:
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 from 3-5PM
WonderGround Gallery, Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs Marketplace